An explosive weekend of action at the second annual Generation Next Tip-Off basketball tournament saw teams from Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin put in high quality efforts on the hardwood with some of the top young middle school talent like 2016 G/F Jack Popp turning in excellent performances once again.  Today we recap the tournament with a look at the All-Tournament Teams at every age group…


Note:  All 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams in each age group are now qualified for the Generation Next Invitational Championships July 5-8, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  For more information on this exciting event CLICK HERE

14U Division
Champions – Playground Elite – Smith
2nd Place – Chi-Town Diablos
3rd/4th Place Teams – B&B Rising Stars and Wisconsin Bulldogs

13U Division
Champions – Illinois Voltage
2nd Place – Playground Elite – Poole
3rd/4th Place Teams – TP Elite and Chi-Town Diablos

12U Division
Champions – PG All-Stars
2nd Place – Playground Elite
3rd/4th Place Teams – EBA and DTA Spartans

11U Division
Champions – Team Evanston
2nd Place – Playground Elite
3rd/4th Place – Ray Allen Select and Playground Elite Smith

10U Division
Champions – Team Evanston
2nd Place – Illinois Rising Stars Gold
3rd/4th Place – Illinois Rising Stars Yellow and PGE Fletcher


Note:  All All-Tournament performers in the 11U, 12U, and 13U age groups are officially invited to attend the annual Generation Next All-Star Camp August 4-5, 2012.  For more information CLICK HERE

14U M.V.P. – Jack Popp – Playground Elite – Smith

14U All-Tournament Team – (PGE Smith) Jack Popp, Kaj Days, Kenvarious Brown, Virgil Tucker, Bryce Beekman, (Chi-Town Diablos) Ammar Becar, Rodney Herenton, Diondre Williams, (B&B Rising Stars) Josiah Baldridge-Walls, Patrick Benka, Aidan Enloth, C.J. Duff, (Wisconsin Bulldogs) Keishan Parker, Adam Link, Travon Love, (PGE Dante) Sean Stewart, Darpeirreontae Burt, (Milwaukee Rebels) Danya Kingsby, Giyea Collier, Daquan Williams, (TP Elite) Nick Loke, Patrick Schinner, J.J. Johnson, (PGE Hanson) Harrison Cleary, Josh Mueller, Michael Ferrici, and (Minneapolis Reign) Amar Miller, Xavier Pollard, Joshua Stephenson

13U M.V.P. – Christian Negron – Illinois Voltage

13U All-Tournament Team – (Illinois Voltage) Christian Negron, Logan Atkins, Kelvin Harvey, Brennan Woods, Tyree Spencer, Allen White, (PGE Poole) Jordan Poole, Justin Smith, Octavius Parker, Phillip Flory, (Chi-Town Diablos) Marco Lewis, Willie Herenton, Mirsad Mackic, Mickey Kane, and (TP Elite), Terrence Lewis, Brunard Williams, Alondes Williams, and Virshon Cotton

12U M.V.P. – Drew Blair – PG All-Stars

12U All-Tournament Team – (PG All-Stars) Drew Blair, Tyrese Haliburton, Austin Lopez, Tyler Herro, (PGE) Brandt Brown, Marshaun Bell, Donovan Higgins, Quincy Minor, (EBA) Eli Walker, Odell Williams, Zion Sanford, (DTA Spartans) Isaiah McCloud, Ramonte Blakely, Breontae Hunt, Quincy Anderson, (Illinois Rising Stars Gold) Alan Griffin, John Kryscio, Jack Anderson, (Milwaukee Rebels) Jaylin Scott, Akeir McKinney, and (Highwood Hitmen) Drew Golde and Myles Baer

11U M.V.P. – Lance Jones and Ryan Bost – Team Evanston

11U All-Tournament Team – (Team Evanston) Lance Jones, Ryan Bost, Noah Smith, (PGE) Trequon Carrington, Matthew Brown, Aaron Greer, (Ray Allen Select) Cole Nau, Darryl Brooks, and (PGE Smith), Reese Beekman, JR Shiddell, and Donovan Billings

10U M.V.P. – Elijah Bull (Team Evanston)

10U All-Tournament Team – (Team Evanston) Elijah Bull, Isaiah Holden, Robert Pryor, Aquan Smart, (Illinois Rising Stars Gold) Adrian Griffin, Ernie Day, Brendan Wolf, (Illinois Rising Stars Yellow) Darius Duff and (PGE Fletcher) Cartier Bantes

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