With his play throughout the past year, Isaiah Cochran has developed into one of the better 2025 wings in all of Kentucky with his combination of size and skills. From the growth of the 6’7” wing of Adair County High School, the junior is now up to four division one offers for himself. 

Last summer Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee Tech became the first pair of schools to offer Cochran. More recently, Bryant offered him this summer and the latest coming from McNeese State just coming in. Out of all the schools recruiting him, the junior says that Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee Tech are in contact with him the most. In addition to his offers, Belmont, Washington, and Western Kentucky are some of the other programs that are showing the most interest in him currently. 

“I feel like I am a miss match problem,” Cochran said when describing his own game. “I’m 6’7” and I can handle like a one and shoot it at a great rate. I can also go down low with smaller defenders on me and go get a bucket. But I also feel like what’s best about my game is my ability to make the right decision and create open looks for the guys around me.”

While Cochran has not taken any visits recently, he is planning on taking ones to Northern Kentucky, Tennessee Tech, and Western Kentucky in the near future. Now into his junior year, the wing is looking to get better every day and “win the district and win the region.”