As well to the four most valuable players of the NY2LA Futures Camp, there were several other players who had stellar camps. Here are a few more players that really stood out to me on Saturday. 

Jaden Boyd – 2027 – PG – ABC Young Lions

With his tremendous performances, Boyd was an easy pick for the floor general award. He is an incredibly skilled passer with such a great ability to create for others. All event long he was racking up assists but also scored it well himself hitting some perimeter jumpers and getting to the basket. Boyd plays very quick with the ball in his hands and has good feel making plays. 

Vaughn Karvala – 2026 – G – Phenom University

While continuing to show off his great versatility, the 6’5” guard was also one of the top scorers of the entire camp. He scored the ball in every which way but did so much more all camp. While just a sophomore, he already has a very well-rounded skill set and knows how to play. Throughout the showcase he was playing with great energy and was all over the court making plenty of plays. 

Tref Rademaker – 2027 – F/C – Chapman Basketball Academy

Even while just entering high school, Rademaker already stands at 6’7”. He is an incredibly consistent big man that continued his great play into this camp to win the Big Man Award. He was playing a bit quicker and more agile helping himself on the defensive side protecting the paint. The freshmen scored it very efficiently around the basket not just with his size but with good moves down on the block and soft touch finishing the ball. 

Damariye Redmond – 2026 – PG – Team Haliburton

Throughout the entire event Redmond showcased his great playmaking ability. The point guard was getting plenty of paint touches with his great moves as well as his quickness. He showed a good stroke from the outside but did the bulk of his scoring getting all the way to the basket. Even with his very good scoring ability he is a more than willing passer and played well on the defensive end playing tough on ball defense. 

Nick Schultz – 2026 – PG – Team Herro

Following a very good grassroots season, the game of Schultz has only continued to greatly grow. He is a skilled point guard who is strong with the ball in his hands and sees the floor well. In each of his games, he distributed the ball effectively but also really stood out with his scoring, shooting the ball so well off the dribble from the mid-range and three. 

Mikey White – 2027 – PG – Team Herro

Another point guard who greatly impressed with his play. Whether it was hitting shots from the outside, facilitating the ball, or getting all the way to the basket, White impressed doing it all. With his ability to consistently hit shots off the dribble with good range paired with his play on the attack and passing skills, White was one of the best playmakers of the camp with the ball in their hands.