The strength of the regions talented 2026 and 2027 classes were on full display at the Futures Camp this past Saturday in Milwaukee. Here are the most valuable players honors from both classes as well as all the honorees. 

Max Jones – 2027 – G – 24Up

Jones played extremely well amongst both the 2026 and 2027 groups to be named co-MVP in the 2027 class following up on his stellar grassroots season. At 6’3” with his great strength and guard skills making plays off the dribble, Jones is incredibly difficult to defend especially when he gets going to the basket. There are just so few freshmen with his skills and physical tools that allowed him to be dominant in so many areas throughout the camp. As well to scoring the ball so effectively, he also stood out defending any position well and being one of the top rebounders. 

Matthew Kloskey – 2026 – SF – ABC Young Lions

Kloskey was one of the most versatile and impactful players of the entire camp to earn his co-MVP honors. The 6’4” wing has a strong build and did a bit of everything throughout the camp while playing with great energy. He was a very efficient scorer strongly attacking the basket playing through contact and finishing in traffic but also hit shots in the mid-range and from three. He was just as impactful on the defensive end playing tough and versatile defense and being one of the better rebounds. He is a first to floor type of player that will do anything to help his team. 

Kevin Pittman – 2026 – F/C – Phenom University

It was a purely dominant performance all camp long for Pittman. The lengthy 6’9” post was playing with great energy and dunking everything in both of his games. Not only was he scoring everything while down inside he also showed an improved ability to put the ball on the floor. Pittman was simply unmatched taking over possession after possession on both ends to win his co-MVP honors for the 2026 group. Defensively, Pittman was also the top rim protector of the camp blocking several shots in each of his game. While just entering his sophomore year, college coaches will want to take a look his way. 

Timothy West – 2027 – PG 

On both ends of the floor, West was one of the top players to take these honors. The 6’1” point guard was the best perimeter defender of the camp shutting down numerous quality guards all camp long battling each possession. Offensively he showed an advanced skill set while just starting his freshmen year with his making plays off the dribble, passing, and decision making. A player in Wisconsin’s 2027 to know who has only continued to greatly build his game. 


Big Man: Tref Rademaker

Floor General: Jaden Boyd

Mr. Hustle: DJ Banks, Taahir Muhammad, Damariye Redmond