After their programs dominant 2023 team was able to win the 17U NY2LA Association Championship last year, the 2025 MidPro Academy team was able to win the 16U championship this year. This MidPro team was consistently one of the top teams on the association starting the year off with a quarterfinals appearance at Swish N’ Dish and then a championship game appearance at Summer Jam to start off the July live periods. Tournament after tournament, this incredibly deep continued to grow and improve to end up winning it all at The Final Chapter this past weekend. 

It was a dominant tournament for them, as not only did they win the association championship but also went 7-0 on the weekend winning both of their showcase games on Sunday. Throughout the tournament only one of their wins came by single digits, as they were often winning by twenty or more points throughout the tournament. Every game, it seemed as there was a different player stepping up to lead them to wins.

During the title run, they rarely had any players putting up large point totals but normally had several players reaching double figures with contributions from up and down their roster. Leshawn Stowers, Braden Freeman, Dietrich Richardson, Matthew Zobrist, Kobe Walker, Treyvon Taylor, Jonah Funk, Aidyn Beck, among others all played large roles in their championship run. Below is their game schedule from the four days. 


First Game: 61-39 win over Ohio Xtreme

Sweet 16: 60-52 win over MTXE Premier 

Quarterfinals: 63-53 win over REACH Legends

Semifinals: 50-29 win over MN Comets Elite

Championship: 61-50 win over D Rice Elite

Showcase Game: 59-24 win over Team Haliburton

Showcase Game: 54-34 win over Power 5