Plenty of competition here with all the great competition at the 15U level of The Final Chapter. Here are some of the best players from the tournament. 

Jordan Boyd – 2026 – G – MidPro South

There are a few players in the NY2LA Association that had a good of a summer as Boyd, after being a dominant player at the Summer Jam in Cincinnati, Boyd put together another high level tournament here. He scored the ball well throughout the entire tournament but took his game to another level in the semifinals against the eventual champs Phenom University. In this one, the 6’2” guard put up a staggering 34 points performance. While Boyd excels aggressively attacking the basket, he also showed off his jumper knocking down five three pointers in that game.

Yusef Gray – 2026 – G – Phenom University

Gray has continued to be one of the most consistent players on the 15U level of the NY2LA Association all season and that continued into the Final Chapter where he was a big piece of this Phenom University team that won it all. While playing on attack, Gray can be so difficult to defend with his ability to beat defenders both with his strength as well as his moves off the dribble. Whether it was getting into the paint or pulling up in the mid-range he was consistently scoring in the twenties or upper teens.

Greg Grays – 2026 – G – D Rice Elite

At this point, it is no surprise that Grays was one of the top scorers at not just the 15U level but the entire tournament. This included games of 31 points and 25 points to start off the tournament. Grays continues to be one of the top 2026 attacking guards but also shot it better from the outside this tournament including hitting four threes in one game. 

Kallen Hoeft – 2026 – G – Indiana Elite Central

There are a lot of different aspects to like from the game of Hoeft. A high IQ guard but also has a good skill set. He scored the ball extremely well throughout the tournament including a 30-point game. While he consistently shot the ball well from the outside hitting multiple threes each game, Hoeft also plays so well on the attack. 

Wilson Huckeby – 2026 – G – REACH Legends 

After being one of the top 2026 players at the Summer Jam last tournament, the highly skilled guard had himself another big tournament. This included a 26-point game on Friday morning as well as a few other strong scoring performances. Huckeby is a knock down shooter from the outside but also plays well attacking the basket and plays with good energy on the defensive end. His play was a big reason his team was able to advance to the semifinals. 

Dooney Johnson – 2026 – SG – X-Men

Johnson scored the ball at a high level throughout the tournament including a 27-point game. He excels playing on the attack to get all the way to the basket in addition to having a good mid-range game. He also shot it well from the outside in multiple games. Much more than scorer, with his length, standing at 6’4”, athleticism, and skill set, he is an incredibly versatile and impactful player with all he can do. 

De’Anthony Mcjames – 2026 – PG – Team Ramey

While Mcjames has had some good performances during the year, he was playing on another level this tournament. He is a quick point guard with good moves who was often getting into the paint but also did plenty of damage with his outside shooting. He had multiple twenty plus point games including five three pointers in a single game. 

Darrius Peete – 2026 – SG – Chapman Basketball

Peete was the breakout star during the tournament, helping his Chapman Basketball team advance all the way into the championship game with some impressive victories. He is a strong 6’3” wing guard, who can impact the game in a variety of ways. He is at his best attacking the basket strong scoring on a high percentage of his paint touches but impacts the game with his defense, rebounding, and all other areas. As a rising sophomore, he already has a nice blend of size, strength, and athleticism in the backcourt.