Over the course of The Final Chapter there was a long list of great games at the 16U level. While many players at this level could make a strong argument for being included on this list, here are the ones that were most deserving of the stock booster honors. 

Jaydon Awe – 2025 – F/C – Team Herro

A high upside big man in the 2025 class. He stands at 6’8” with good length but also has good athleticism. He plays with plenty of energy and runs the floor hard scoring well in transition. A good shot blocker around the paint but can also switch onto the perimeter with his mobility. Awe also has emerging skills at his size being able to handle the ball and showed good touch around the paint and mid-range.  

Derek Collins – 2025 – G – 94 Feet Elite

In the one game I saw of Collins, he greatly impressed with everything he can do. He stands at 6’3” with some bounce and length plus is a real difference make on both ends. In a game on Sunday, Collins was taking over the game with his high energy defensive play coming up with several steals in the second half alone and turning them into plenty of points the other way. On the other end, he played well with the ball getting into the defense as well as hitting shots off the dribble. 

Tyler Davis – 2025 – PG – United Persuit

A big piece of this United Persuit team that advanced all the way into the quarterfinals. He was consistently getting into double figures scoring for his team but also created effectively for his teammates. Davis is a skilled playmaker who excels getting into the defense and making plays. He scored the ball very effectively all around the paint playing on the attack as well as in the mid-range. 

Brooks Hinson – 2025 – PG – Wisconsin Playmakers

I continue to like more aspects game of Hinson’s game each time I see him play. He plays the role of point guard so well but also has a very good ability to go and get some buckets for himself. He plays smart with the ball reading the floor and making the right decision. Not only did he show the ability to create for his teammates very well but also knock down shots from the outside. He already holds a pair of division two offers and showing he is one of the better guards in Wisconsin’s 2025 class. 

Luka Momcilovic – 2025 – F – Chapman Basketball 

The game of Momcilovic has continued to greatly improve as he was playing some of his best basketball at The Final Chapter. In a big bracket play game, the forward shined going for 22 points to help advance his team into the quarterfinals. He has become a much more consistent threat from the outside hitting six threes in just that one game but also impressed with his all-around offensive game during the tournament. 

Jake Schultz – 2025 – PG – MN Comets

Over the course of multiple games during this tournament I continued to be impressed with the play of Schultz. He is at his best running the point but can more than score the ball himself. He plays strong with the ball in his hands and has a very nice combination of court awareness and passing abilities to facilitate the ball effectively. 

Leshawn Stowers – 2025 – G – MidPro Academy

Stowers was a key player from this incredibly deep championship MidPro team. He brings good size at 6’4” and strength in the backcourt. He has a highly versatile game to go along with his physical tools as he can run the point, defends both guards and forwards very effectively, scores the ball very well on the attack. Stowers has continued to take tremendous strides in his game and his one of the higher upside 2025 players on the association. 

Roman Thompson – 2025 – G/F – MTXE

The stock of Thompson continues to grow with everything he does on the floor. He is a high energy wing that continued to do a bit of everything for his team and has improved his all-around skills. A very tough player that was scoring in double figures in all his games as well to rebounding at a very high rate. He scored it very effectively all around the paint on drives, cuts, and put backs, playing so strong through contact.