Not to be overshadowed by the top performers there are plenty of stellar players below had great tournaments for themselves. 

Jayden Banks – 2024 – PG – Team Ramey

Banks has continued to be a standout on both ends of the floor and that continued into The Final Chapter. He has great quickness and uses it effectively on both sides of the ball. He plays with great defensive energy pressuring the ball all over the court and using his quickness to be all over the ball. A smart playmaking point guard who is at his best creating for himself and others off the dribble with good vision knowing where to go with it. 

Brady Bluhm – 2024 – G – Milwaukee Trailblazers

On Saturday night it was Bluhm’s turn from this talented Trailblazers team to lead the way. In the game against a very good DB Pros team, Bluhm went off for 21 points. He got it done in a variety of ways, hitting three threes, driving into the paint, and making timely cuts. Bluhm is a tough and smart guard who plays with good energy. 

Rakai Crawford – 2024 – PG – Texas Tar Heels

One of a few talented guards on this Tar Heels team. He plays strong with the ball in his hands and showed a good ability to both score and distribute the ball. Crawford has a smooth jumper from the outside but was also getting into the paint often making plays. In multiple games, Crawford showed good vision on the attack to pair with quick decision-making ability. 

Dajohn Craig – 2023 – PG – D1 Indiana

To start off Sunday Craig shined as D1 Indiana had an impressive 20-point victory in which Craig led them with 17 points. He is a very bouncy guard with a high skill level. Craig is a good shot maker from the outside both off the catch and dribble but also moves well with the ball getting all the way to the rim. 

Jack Daugherty – 2024 – F – Phenom University

It has been a big couple tournaments in July for Daugherty now back on the court. At 6’8” and with his length he can get his shot off whenever he wants and was hitting them at a very high rate. Over the course of multiple game, he continued to showcase his pretty jumper hitting threes at a very high rate to be one of the top shooters of the tournament. On Saturday he had a 22-point game while hitting six threes in a win over Team Rose. He also played very active defensively making plays. 

Andrew Graf – 2024 – PG – MTXE

Over the past couple of years, the game of Graf has only continued to greatly improve. He had a few games up in the double figures during the tournament but really excels with his point guard play. Graf has become a quicker and stronger player on the court and should be on the radars of plenty of division three coaches. 

Wes Gudeman – 2024 – SF – All In Athletics

A highly impactful player with everything he does on the court. He stands at 6’5” with some strength and plays with good toughness and energy. Gudeman got plenty of buckets around the paint in a variety of ways but can also play on the perimeter and hit threes. He also contributed greatly in a win Sunday with his very aggressive rebounding, distributing, and tough defensive play.

Jevon Guess – 2025 – F – George Hill All Indy

Guess stands at 6’6” and plays much bigger. With his great energy and strength, he was a force down in the paint. He scored the ball very effectively around the paint and was a big reason his team was able to win the championship. He converted so well on put backs finishing right through larger defenders constantly and is also very aggressive rebounding everything near him. 

Peyton Heiss – 2024 – G – Midwest Basketball Club 

Heiss had a couple of the better scoring games of the tournament with 23 points and 22 points. The guard has a pure stroke from the outside combining for nine three pointers between the pair of games. Much more than just a shooter, he has a solid all-around game and plays hard at all times.