Even with two parts of top performers, there was still great competition for this list. Here is the second group of the top performers from the four days of The Final Chapter. 

Jaiden Martin – 2024 – G – Team Haliburton

Over the course of multiple games, Martin greatly impressed with his scoring ability. Whether playing on the attack or hitting shots, Martin did both at a very high level. With his moves off the dribble and playing through contact, he is at his best getting into the paint and finishing very effectively. 

Jesse McCulloch – 2024 – PF – Marshall Warriors 

It is very easy to see what makes the Michigan State commit such a highly regarded prospect. He has great size at 6’10” with some strength but still moves so well on the floor and has a high skill level. There are few players with his physical tools that also have as good of a jumper he does from the outside and can makes plays with the ball in their hands. 

Henry Meyer – 2024 – G – Wisconsin Playmakers

There are so many different aspects to like from the game of Meyer. He is a standout on both ends of the floor and is also very effective playing on or off the ball. He has some size in the backcourt at 6’3”, high IQ guard, shoots it well from deep, and is strong with the ball attacking the rim. Defensively, he plays with great energy at all times defending the ball. 

Sam Mickelson – 2024 – F – DB Pro

It was a big few days of basketball for Mickelson having multiple big games. He scored the ball efficiently with a pair of 19-point games. He scored it well around the paint and finishes strong playing above the rim and shot it very well from the mid-range plus can extend his range out to three. He has a versatile game at 6’7” with some strength being able to play all over the floor and always plays tough on the glass. 

Corey Lee – 2024 – PG – ET21 Buckeyes

In both games I saw Lee, he played at an extremely high level on both ends of the floor. He is a very tough on ball defender with his quickness and looks to shut down opposing quality guards. Offensively, he is at his best getting into the defense with his quickness creating but also consistently hit threes. He sees the floor very well on the attack always looking to distribute the ball but also finished it strong around the basket. 

Peyton McKenna – 2024 – G – Chapman Basketball 

It was a huge tournament for this CBA Black Elite team as they advanced all the way semifinals knocking off some very talented teams along the way. One of a few standouts from this talented team was McKenna. He stepped his game up big in the second round of the tournament in a win versus DB Pro where he scored 25 points. In the game the 6’2” sharpshooting guard hit seven trees as well to getting into double figures scoring in a few other games. 

Niko Newsome – 2024 – G – MidPro Academy

There are so many different aspects his game to like, and he is only getting better as he’s having a stellar summer as one of the top players on the Association. He has plenty of size at 6’6” in the backcourt to go along with his length and athleticism. He scored the ball consistently well throughout the tournament getting much of it done attacking the basket but also hit several threes. Even with his scoring, his biggest impact may have been with his great defensive play with all his tools. 

Azavier Robinson – 2025 – PG – George Hill All Indy

It was a big tournament for Robinson and his team who went and undefeated at 8-0 and were able to capture the NY2LA Association Championship. The junior to be playing up was a big reason for the success simply taking over games in a variety of ways. In the quarterfinals when it looked like their run to a title may be over, Robinson led a comeback attack coming up with several steals down the stretch and converting them all into fast break baskets. Whether it was his defensive play, scoring exceptionally well attacking the paint and in the mid-range, or creating for his teammates, Robinson was doing it at an extremely high level to win game after game. 

Gavin Van Wie – 2024 – G/F – Wisconsin Swing

Throughout this tournament, as well as to the past couple of years with the Swing, Van Wie scored the ball well. This included a pair of 19-point games and multiple other double digit ones. While he was consistently hitting a few threes each game with a nice-looking jumper from the outside he can get it done in numerous ways. He also used his solid build well fighting his way into the defense and finishing.