The Summer Jam in Ohio concluded with a long list of deserving champs. Find the full list below from all the divisions. 

2024 NY2LA Division 

Platinum Champions – Phenom University

Platinum 2nd Place – Wisconsin Blizzard

Platinum Consolation Champions – Milwaukee Trail Blazers

Platinum Consolation 2nd Place – Team Ramey

Gold Champions – Shining Star Price Black

Gold 2nd Place – Greater Purpose Athletics Black

Gold Consolation Champions – Indiana Ice

Gold Consolation 2nd Place – Marshall Warriors Basketball


2024 Open Division

Platinum Champions (Pool A-D) – Cincinnati Royals

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool A-D) – MBA National

Gold Champions (Pool A-D) – Michigan Warriors

Gold 2nd Place (Pool A-D) – Summit City Elite Black

Platinum Champions (Pool E-H) – NuStep Gold

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool E-H) – Midwest Basketball Club Mills

Gold Champions (Pool E-H) – HWB Miller

Gold 2nd Place (Pool E-H) – TPE

Platinum Champions (Pool I-L) – Ohio United

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool I-L) – Midwest Basketball Club Creamer

Gold Champions (Pool I-L) – Guelph Gryphons

Gold 2nd Place (Pool I-L) – Summit City Elite Blue

Platinum Champions (Pool M-N) – Kentucky Future Elite

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool M-N) – Wisconsin Triple Threat

Gold Champions (Pool M-N) – Ohio Crossover Red

Gold 2nd Place (Pool M-N) – Midwest Basketball Club Mundy


2025 NY2LA Division 

Platinum Champions – Team Herro

Platinum 2nd Place – MidPro Academy

Platinum Consolation Champions – 94 Feet Elite

Platinum Consolation 2nd Place – AFO Michigan Mustangs

Gold Champions – Texas Tarheels

Gold 2nd Place – Illinois Attack Chapman

Gold Consolation Champions – Bayou City Hoops Smith

Gold Consolation 2nd Place – Illinois Flight


2025 Open Division

Platinum Champions (Pool A-D) – Grand Rapids Storm National

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool A-D) – Indy Heat Red

Gold Champions (Pool A-D) – Team Wildcats

Gold 2nd Place (Pool A-D) – Hidden Gems Smith

Platinum Champions (Pool E-H) – Ohio Unity

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool E-H) – The Process

Gold Champions (Pool E-H) – Moss Elite Carter

Gold 2nd Place (Pool E-H) – OPS White

Platinum Champions (Pool I-K) – RWI Kings

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool I-K) – NKY Elite

Gold Champions (Pool I-K) – Ohio Swish

Gold 2nd Place (Pool I-K) – Top1 Select


2026 NY2LA Division 

Platinum Champions – X-Men

Platinum 2nd Place – MidPro South

Platinum Consolation Champions – Indiana Elite Aldridge

Platinum Consolation 2nd Place – Moss Elite

Gold Champions – Chapman Basketball Academy Gold Elite

Gold 2nd Place – Indiana Jammers

Gold Consolation Champions – REACH Legends White

Gold Consolation 2nd Place – Indiana Ice

Silver Champions – Team Temple

Silver 2nd Place – Southern Indiana Blaze

Silver Consolation Champions – MidPro South Select

Silver Consolation 2nd Place – Indiana Elite Blaze Select


2026 Open Division

Platinum Champions (Pool A-D) – Ohio Future Tate

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool A-D) – OPS Rhinehart

Gold Champions (Pool A-D) – NW Ohio Basketball Club

Gold 2nd Place (Pool A-D) – MBA National

Platinum Champions (Pool E-H) – Midwest Basketball Club Benson

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool E-H) – Michigan Warriors

Gold Champions (Pool E-H) – OPS Latham

Gold 2nd Place (Pool E-H) – Summit City Elite Black

Platinum Champions (Pool I-J) – Club Ohio

Platinum 2nd Place (Pool I-J) – Believers

Gold Champions (Pool I-J) – Midwest Basketball Club Weathersby

Gold 2nd Place (Pool I-J) – Cincy Lakers


2027 Open Division

Platinum Champions– NW Ohio Basketball Club

Platinum 2nd Place– Pro Lane

Gold Champions – Indiana HYO

Gold 2nd Place – Michigan Playmakers

Silver Champions– Midwest Basketball Club

Silver 2nd Place –Kentucky Future Elite

Bronze Champions – RWI Kings White

Bronze 2nd Place – All Area Basketball


2028 Open Division

Platinum Champions – D1 Indiana

Platinum 2nd Place – All Ohio BNU

Gold Champions – NW Ohio Basketball Club

Gold 2nd Place – RWI Kings