One part was not nearly enough for this talented 15U group at the Summer Jam. Here is the next group of players that were stars in Ohio. 

Vaughn Karvala – 2026 – SG – Phenom University

The 6’5” guard entered the season with Phenom as a very good player but has only continued to get better and was playing some of his best basketball at Summer Jam. A truly versatile player that was doing it all throughout the tournament. He shot the ball consistently all tournament long from the outside hitting five threes in one game plus was playing with a lot of confidence going strong to the basket finishing at the rim. There are few 2026 players in the region with his combination of skills and physical tools. 

Mareon Knott – 2026 – SF – Michigan Playmakers

Wilson is a strong wing forward who plays with great physicality to his game. In a semifinals game, Knott was taking over for long stretches to score twenty-two points in the game. He was simply overpowering and backing opponents down to get to the basket and finish everything strong. While he was clutch in the semifinals, he scored the ball effectively all tournament with multiple twenty plus point games. 

Izaya Larthridge – 2026 – G/F – United Persuit

Lathridge was a standout over the course of multiple games doing so much for his team winning games. One of the better scorers at the 15U level with game of 23 and 22 points but has a versatile game too. He is a 6’4” wing with some length and plays with great energy and gets up for boards. The wing scored a lot of tough buckets inside as well as going to the basket on drives and cuts. 

Jedidiah Minnett – 2026 – G – D1 Indiana

A very skilled guard with good feel that continues to be one of the top scorers at the 15U level of the NY2LA Association. There are few players that score the ball so well in a variety of ways taking whatever the defense gives him. He has a smooth jumper with good form and a very good ability to create his own shot. Minnett also was getting it done so effectively on the attack with a good pull up jumper and runner.  

Oscar Patterson – 2026 – PG – Team Ramey

Patterson is a big part of one of the better 15U backcourts on the NY2LA Association. He continues to show both a very good ability to both score and distribute the basketball. The lead guard is very quick with the ball often getting into the paint maneuvering right around defenders but also hit shots off the dribble efficiently. He is a smart guard that is always making plays. 

Gabe Schmidt – 2026 – G – Midwest Basketball Club

To start off Saturday Schmidt had one of the top shooting and scoring displays of the tournament with twenty-seven points while drilling six threes. He is a 6’2” two guard with some length and a very high offensive ability. While he did much of his damage from the outside, Schmidt is also comfortable with the ball in his hands making plays. 

Ian Thomas – 2026 – G – MidPro South

Thomas was a huge reason why MidPro South was able to make it all the way to the 15U championship game. While had some good scoring games, including ones of nineteen and eighteen points, he did so much more. The strong guard is a very tough and aggressive on ball defender. He did the bulk of his scoring going to the basket where he is incredibly tough to stop once he gets going downhill with his good moves and ability to play through contact. 

Ladell White Jr. – 2026 – G – X-Men United

It was a big weekend for White being a key piece of his team’s championship performance. With the combination of his quickness blowing by defenders but can just as easily beat them with his toughness battling his way to the basket. He had a few big games during the tournament including eighteen points in the four-point championship game victory. 

Maverick Young – 2026 – PG – Indiana Elite Central

Young is already a highly skilled guard, especially on the offensive end of the floor. He is a knockdown shooter from three but also runs the point very well. With his pure jumper, Young was one of the top outside shooters knocking down his shots all tournament including five threes in one game.