One of the stronger tournaments of the year at the 15U level. While there were many candidates for this list, here is the first group of top performers from the Summer Jam this past weekend in Ohio.

Anthony Blaackar – 2026 – PG – Moss Elite

Tournament after tournament this year, Blaackar has been a fixture on this top performer list as one of the top players on the NY2LA Association. He was one of the top scorers throughout the tournament at all levels with games of 24, 22, and 18 points. He moves incredibly well with the ball in his hands with good vision getting plenty of paint touches and creating. A scorer first getting it done around the paint and mid-range primary but can also distribute the basketball as well. 

Jordan Boyd – 2026 – G – MidPro South

Boyd had one of the best games of the tournament with a 26-point performance and got it done in the 15U title game. He also played at a high level throughout the Summer Jam and was a big reason his team was able to get all the way there. Not the biggest of guards but he plays with great strength battling his way to the paint but also moves well with the ball and was finishing everything. Boyd is an aggressive and energetic player doing so much for his team throughout the tournament. 

Broker Buschor – 2026 – SG – Wisconsin Swing

Buschor continues to be one of the more consistent players on the 15U level of the NY2LA Association with all he can do. He is a skilled and high IQ scorer from all three levels but also has a well-rounded game. The rising sophomore can really shoot the ball spotting up from the outside hitting six threes in a single game but also scored it consistently throughout the tournament.  

Evan Darrah – 2026 – G – All Area Basketball

One of the top 2026 shooters who was consistently hitting his outside jumpers all tournament. This includes a five three, twenty-one-point game. To go along with smooth jumper, Darrah moves very well without the ball looking for his shot playing with lots of energy and can quickly get into his shot playing off the catch. 

Brody Fields – 2026 – PG – All Ohio Select

Over the course of the tournament Fields had some big performances with games of 25 22, 16, and 15 points. With some great moves off the dribble, he scored the ball extremely well driving to the basket. While a skilled attacker, he can more than shoot the ball hitting five threes in one game to be one of the top 2026 scorers of the tournament.

Greg Grays – 2026 – PG – D Rice Elite

Grays continues to be a permanent fixture on this top performer list with his outstanding scoring ability. He continues to have games of thirty plus points each tournament including one of thirty-two points at the Summer Jam leading his team to wins. He excels playing on the attack with his quick first step, great moves, and ability to absorb contact. Even while such a dynamic scorer, he doesn’t force any drives waiting to find his openings in the defense to attack. 

Yusef Gray – 2026 – PG – Phenom University

Over the course of Summer Jam, Gray was one of the top scorers. He had games of 21, 21, and 19 points. With his moves and explosiveness, Gray is incredibly tough to defend once he gets going to the basket scoring at a very high rate. He has good size in the backcourt at 6’4” to finish in traffic and continues to improve his jump shot hitting a few threes during the tournament. 

Wilson Huckeby – 2026 – G – REACH Legends

During the tournament, Huckeby had multiple big moments. This included tipping in a game winning basket right at the buzzer as well to scoring twenty three points in another game. He is incredibly skilled guard with a high IQ that is a knock down shooter from both the mid-range and beyond the arc as well to being a crafty finisher all around the paint. 

Dooney Johnson – 2027 – SG – X-Men United

Johnson continues to play at an extremely high level and was a big piece of his teams’ championship even while playing up. He is a versatile guard with great length, size at 6’4”, and a high skill level. The incoming freshman excels making plays off the dribble with a very good ability to score getting into the paint as well as pulling up in the mid-range. He had multiple big games and in a tight championship game had some monumental buckets down the stretch to take the title. Johnson continues to look as he is one of the top prospects in Wisconsin’s 2027 class.