2024 6’6 Stoney Hadnot - Team Temple 
Elite athlete. Highlight reel finisher. Good defensive instincts in passing lanes and as a helpside shot blocker. Improving shooter, midrange game. 

2024 6’5 Kon Knueppel - Phenom University 
5 star prospect. Elite shooter and scorer. Good positional size. High IQ player and good facilitator. Recently added an offer from Duke. 

2024 6’5 Amari McCottry - Phenom University 
Athletic wing. Good handle and gets paint touches. Uses length to finish in traffic and defensively. Can create his own shot. 

2024 6’5 Nolan Minessale - Chapman Academy 
Elite athlete, lob threat, good defender, plays passing lanes, good passer off the dribble, improving shooter. 

2024 6’5 Folabomi Fayemi - Denard Bros 
Elite length and athleticism, slasher, defends multiple positions. Consistent motor. 

2024 6’6 Keauntrey Barnes  - MidPro Academy
Elite athlete, very good in transition, rebounds and defends. Improving skillset. Lob finisher.

2024 6’5 TK Lawson - Houston Superstars
Long and athletic, smooth jumper, plus defender, transition finisher. 

2024 6’6 Anthony Pryzbilla - Milwaukee Trailblazers 
Smooth lefty scorer, good touch on jumper, midrange game, high upside. 

2025 6’6 Jaymen Townsend - George Hill All-Indy
High upside wing, flashes of playmaking off the dribble, slasher, plus length.

2024 6’5 Tim Franks - Chapman Academy 
Elite shooter, high IQ player, good passer, positional size. Leader. Has all the intangibles. 

2024 6’3 Bennett Basich - Phenom University 
High motor, spaces floor in catch and shoot and can attack closeouts off dribble. 

2024 6’5 Camden Brown - Mid Pro Academy 
High upside wing guard, smooth handle, can shoot it in midrange and play above the rim.

2024 6’4 Isaiah Allen - Chapman Academy 
Bouncy, can facilitate, defends multiple positions on perimeter, transition finisher, plus rebounder. 

2024 6’5 Brandon Tilley - WI Swing  
Strong wing, good footwork and likes the midrange game. Can make open threes. 

2024 6’5 Deunte Phifer - Reach Legends 17U 
Upside wing guard, can shoot it, uses length defensively and slashing to the rim. 

2024 6’5 Cody Schmitz - WI Blizzard 
Strong wing, can shoot it and get to the rim. Good defender and rebounder. 

2024 6’6 Niko Newsome - MidPro Academy
Slasher, good athlete, guards multiple positions, can make threes in catch and shoot.

2024 6’4 Quenton Parker - Team Ramey 
Scoring wing guard with plus length, above the rim athlete, can create off the dribble.

2024 6’4 Michael McNabb - Chapman Academy 
Crafty lefty scorer, can handle it and get downhill, finishes with both hands. 

2024 6’3 Shane Rykse - United Persuit 
Strong and athletic wing guard, slasher, finishes through contact, defends. 

2024 6’4 Camron Casky - Progeny 
Athletic, good physical tools, transition finisher, flashes off midrange game. 

2024 6’7 Josiah Gustin - All Ohio Select 
Stretch forward, slasher, catch and shoot and attack closeouts.