While there are plenty of names getting offers and recognition on the NY2LA Association, here are five under the radar players that are ones to know for college coaches who all had big spring. 

Andrew Graf – 2024 – PG – MTXE

Over the past couple of years, Graf has continued to take great strides in his game developing into a pure point guard. After a breakout junior season in which he averaged 16 points, 3.6 assists, and 1.1 steals for Brookfield East, Graf has continued that into the spring season. While he has more than proven he can score it himself, he also plays the role of distributor so well. Graf should be a popular name for division three programs. 

Sebastian Hill – 2024 – G – Illinois Predators

It was a breakout spring for Hill with multiple big games proving he is a guard that college coaches will want to see. Hill is a skilled 6’3” guard who is knockdown shooter from the outside, can make plays off the dribble, and create for others. Game after game, Hill only continued to get better and produce this spring. 

Jaelyn Johnson – 2024 – F – 94 Feet Elite

The 6’7” forward quietly put together a big spring for himself. He has good physical tools with his size, length, and agility, but also has a well-rounded game to go along with it. Johnson has a good ability to play both in the paint but out on the perimeter as well. With all his versatile tools, Johnson has a lot to offer college programs.

Grantas Sakenis – 2024 – C – DeNard Bros.

One of the more intriguing 2024 players in the area. Not only does he stand at 6’10” but has a very strong build as well to playing with great energy. At times this spring, Sakenis showed the ability to take over the paint overpowering opponents when given the opportunity. Few big men in the area with as much upside as him.  

Gavin Van Wie – 2024 – SG – Wisconsin Swing

This 2024 group from the Wisconsin Swing has had several players have big performance but the guard has been a consistent presence over the past couple of years. Van Wie has good size in the backcourt at 6’5” and has developed into a knock down shooter but is also a well-rounded scorer. With a big summer he could work his way onto scholarship coaches’ radars.