While I have written about well over one hundred players from the first two sessions of the NY2LA Association during the April live periods, there are always going to be a few that get omitted. Here are a few additional players that had a tremendous April for themselves worthy of recognition from the Spring Extravaganza and Grassroots Showcase. 

Michael McNabb – 2024 – G – Chapman Basketball 

With having a few scholarship players on this Chapman roster, there are always going to be some additional players worthy of mention following a tournament. Throughout the spring, 6’4” McNabb has just continued to produce, especially at the Grassroots Showcase this past weekend. He had himself a 20-point game in addition to a couple of 15-point game and doing so very efficiently. He is a well-rounded guard who knows how to play with some size and strength in the backcourt.

Jahari Miller – 2027 – G – George Hill All Indy

While not even in high school, Miller is playing all the way up at the 17U level and more than handling it. Between the first two sessions of the association this April, Miller has put together a few impressive games for himself. He has an incredibly advanced skill set, especially with scoring ability being able to do it a high level in a number of ways. Even before stepping onto the high school stage, he already looks so comfortable out there at the 17U level playing up against opponents that are three years older than him and are scholarship level players. 

Mac Reed – 2024 – PG – Bayou City

One of the more impactful point guards on the association that continued to do so much for his team over the two tournaments. Whether it was his perimeter defense, running the point and creating while getting into the paint often, or knocking down outside shots, Reed was always making plays. The floor general was instrumental in helping his team to a 3-1 record in Louisville against a very tough lineup of opponents. 

Conner Roffers – 2024 – SG – MTXE

Roffers has only continued to greatly improve his game and that really showed in Louisville with games of 21 and 20 points. The 6’5” wing guard has a smooth jumper and is at his best getting into the mid-range and quickly pulling up to hit shots at a high percentage. Roffers has a nice combination of shooting ability, positional size, and energetic play that should make a desirable 2024 prospect. 

CJ Worsham – 2024 – F – DB Pros

While much of the attention from this DB Pros squad has been about the tremendous spring of Dekwon Brown, Worsham is not a player to miss. He had a stellar performance at Swish N’ Dish to start the spring and had a strong two weekends during the live periods. There are so many aspects of his game to like that will translate to the next level that should make him very desirable to scholarship level coaches. He stands at 6’7 with defensive versatility and on the offensive side can make plays off the dribble and knock down threes but also use his strength to score inside.