The always loaded NY2LA Swish N’ Dish did not disappoint on opening night. With many of the top independent and shoe team from across the region in the building, there was a long list of tremendous games tonight. Here are just a few of the players who stood out in Friday’s action. 

Dekwon Brown – 2024 – PG – Denard Bros. 

Brown had one of the top performances of the day going for 24 points with plenty of defensive attention on him. Not only a skilled scorer but he can also create for others. He moves extremely well with the ball playing on the attack to create for himself and teammates racking up paint touches but also hit four three pointers in the game. A 2024 that division one coaches will want to see this spring. 

Will Hornseth – 2024 – PF – Wisconsin Blizzard

While there are many aspects to like about the versatile and skilled forwards game, he really showcased his interior play tonight. The 6’9” junior scored it so effectively down on the block to go for 17 points. He scored on a high percent of his paint touches finishing through contact so effectively. 

Davis Kern – 2025 – PF – Martin Brothers

In the last game of the night, Kern put together a tremendous outing scoring 20 points. He stands at 6’8” but also has a well-rounded skill set. The sophomore scored the ball very effectively in the paint through contact in traffic but also can space the floor hitting a pair of threes plus can handle the ball well for a big man. Easy to see why Kern is already on plenty of division one coaches’ radars. 

Xzavion Mitchell – 2025 – G/F – Team Herro

The game of the Mitchell continues to grow as he shows that he is one of the top 2025’s in the entire Midwest. A consistent force that had 21 points in his game today. As well to being 6’8”, the wing also has an advanced skill set and plays with plenty of energy. He is an incredibly versatile scorer who can get it done in every way possible, going to the bucket, posting up, and hitting threes. 

Azavier Robinson – 2025 – G – George Hill All Indy

After being one of the most dominant players last season on the NY2LA Association, Robinson continued to do more of the same. Even while always playing up, he is still one of the most dominant players on the floor scoring 19 points tonight. The guard is a such a skilled playmaker with all he can do. With his defensive energy and athleticism, he is a very tough on ball defender. A skilled scorer as well who hit three threes but is even better attacking the rim.