While Eric Kenesie may not be amongst the big-name players in Wisconsin’s 2024 class, he did have a record-breaking performance recently in the state tournament. In Kenosha St. Joseph’s state semifinals victory, the 6’0” guard scored a staggering 51 points. This set the state record for most points scored in a Wisconsin state tournament game. 

Not only did he score 51 points but did so very efficiently. He shot 15-21 from the field as well to 5-6 from three. Nearly just as impressive, he also created for his teammates recording 8 assists in the game. “It was really cool,” he said about his scoring outburst. “I never experienced anything like that, and with the atmosphere in Madison made it so much cooler.” 

The 51 points contributed to him averaging 22.7 points in addition to 6.2 assists per game. Even while his scoring ability has been on the forefront, Kenesie feels there is much more to his game. “I think my game is very all-around. Defense first, scoring, and passing next. Always trying to involve my teammates,” Kenesie said. 

Right now, the dual sport athlete is receiving college interest for both basketball and football. At this point, the junior is unsure of what sport he wants to play at the next level.