With his high level of play over the past two years, Sam Mickelson has continued to get on more and more college coaches’ radars. Last year in his sophomore season, the 6’7” forward averaged 19 points per game at Madison Memorial High School (WI) to be named first team all-conference in the Big Eight Conference. He is having another strong season in his junior campaign with a highly efficient 16 points while shooting 75.8% from the field. All in addition to 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks per game. 

He has now attracted the interest of programs from both the division one and two levels. A couple of the schools that have been showing the most interest in Mickelson include South Dakota and Winona State. 

“Diverse,” is the word Mickelson used to describe his own game. The diversity of his game is evident with his size, all-around skills, and versatile scoring ability. Mickelson is a tough matchup with his ability to not only post up or face up to the basket but also be able to put the ball on the floor and hit outside shots. As well to being a high energy forward, Mickelson is a high IQ player. 

The all-around game of Mickelson has only continued to greatly improve throughout his high school career as he is developing into one of the better 2024 forwards in Wisconsin. Mickelson is looking for Memorial to make a deep state run to finish off his junior season as “my team and I more than capable of doing so.” Following high school season, he will be playing with DeNard Bros Basketball Club this spring.