During his play with the Meanstreets in the spring and then Team Rose in the summer and now into his sophomore season, Yaris Irby has developed into one of the top 2025 guards in all of Illinois. 

In his sophomore season, Irby is excelling. In one of his most recent games, he scored 38 points. After transferring into Niles North High School from Evanston this year for his sophomore season, he has continued to boost his own stock. While just a sophomore, he is averaging 20 points to go along with 6 assists per game. 

“Different,” was the first word Irby used to describe his own game. The 5’11” point guard said this because, “the way I can pass the ball and create for others just as much as myself.” With his blend of scoring ability and point guard skills, Irby has a unique combination of talents. He excels with the ball in his hands with his vision, handle, getting to the basket, and ability to hit shots off the dribble. There are few underclassmen guards in the area with all the tools that Irby has. 

To finish off his sophomore season, Irby is looking to play deep into the playoffs and make a possible trip down to Champaign for the state finals with Niles North.