One of the most recent commitments was Preston Roberts. The 6’6” wing of Noblesville High School (IN) and Kyle Guy Elite announced his plans to attend Indiana University-Kokomo on Monday. The senior is coming off an impressive grassroots season in which he was a third team selection on the NY2LA Association. 

“I knew that IU-Kokomo was the place for me,” Roberts said on why he chose them over his other offers. “With a lot of thinking and talks amongst my family, current and prior coaches, I knew that IU-Kokomo was the place for me.”

While many players mention the coaches, level, past team success, or aspects of the school as their reason for a commitment, it was something else that won Roberts over. “The main thing I liked about IU-Kokomo would be the community.” He expanded about the answer saying, “everyone really comes together and share their love for basketball and that’s just something I’ve always enjoyed growing up in Noblesville and our community here; it reminds me of home.” 

“Not too many people were betting on me,” he mentioned on why he committed now and navigating the complications of the recruitment environment over the past couple of years during covid. “The moment IUK reached out to me I knew they saw something in me that nobody else did.”

When talking about his future of playing at IU-Kokomo, Roberts said “I see my personal game fitting in the program it’s going to be like a movie, something without a script. I see everything falling into place just how it should and my career blossoming from there.”