With October coming to a close, that means we’re closer to basketball season getting started. I was able to go to a variety of camps this month and see some good prospects; in these next few articles I’ll be taking a look back at those. First up is the weekend of October 1st & 2nd, during which I attended the Wootten’s Top 150 Camp and the Pangos All-South Frosh/Soph Camp. These 2 camps had the highest level of prospects that I saw and there were guys at each who rose to the occasion.

UConn Commit Stephon Castle (Georgia)
Castle had one thing on his mind in Dallas: Prove that he’s worthy of a McDonald’s All-American Game spot. I think most who watched would agree that he did his best to convince voters in attendance. He was in attack mode from start to finish and scored in a variety of ways during the weekend. Castle struck a balance between finishing, shooting, and passing, but was best using his size advantage to overwhelm smaller guards at camp. He was able to play bully ball but did so under control and has an effective handle to get where he wants as well. When the defense adjusted, Castle was confident in taking & making perimeter shots off the dribble. Overall, he was a difficult matchup the entire camp and brought an aggressive mindset mixed with efficiency that Newton will need from him to make another deep run in Georgia’s 7A classification.

Michigan State Commit Jeremy Fears (Illinois)
Numerous times in the past, I’ve talked about how playing hard and bringing intensity in a camp setting makes it easy for players to stand out, so it was no surprise that Fears had one of the better showings at Wootten’s. Whenever I’ve watched Fears, he’s been the ultimate competitor. He was a pest on defense and did not give opponents much time or space to relax. You could tell teammates followed his example and fed off the energy that he brought. This approach created a lot of transition opportunities for his team and allowed them to play a fast style. Fears also made a point to give them a scoring boost, attacking the paint with speed & strength and looking more confident in his jumper. Putting all of that together and combining it with a positive vocal presence made Fears a favorite among just about everyone at camp.

Butler Commit Finley Bizjack (Texas)
Not far behind or right there with Fears in terms of competitiveness at camp was Bizjack. He didn’t carry as big of a reputation as some of the other participants, but he made up for it with a fiery approach on both ends of the floor and performed at a high level. Bizjack showed a willingness & desire to give effort on defense, providing active hands on the ball and making multiple hustle plays. He was also active moving without the ball offensively, which got him easy looks throughout the weekend. Those aspects go without mentioning that Bizjack was a top 3-point shooter at the event. Whether it was drills, 5-on-5, 3-on-3, or anything else the campers participated in, he was knocking down shots. Bizjack has good range, is capable shooting on the move, and possesses a consistent release with good touch. Butler fans will enjoy watching him.

6’7” 2024 Jinup Dobuol (Minnesota)
One of the less-heralded prospects in attendance, Dobuol took advantage of the stage at Wootten’s Top 150. He started to catch some eyes during gameplay with his efficient shooting as a long 6’7-8” who can play on the wing comfortably. Dobuol has soft touch from the perimeter and gets his shot off quickly with simple form. He spaced & ran to the wings & corners in transition well to give teammates an easy target, and usually cashed in on his opportunities. Dobuol also showed that he can handle in the open court & make the right read on the move with the ball. His activity and level of engagement allowed his production to be consistent both days. Adding strength will make him even more of a weapon. Ole Miss, Wichita State, and Bethune-Cookman have extended offer so far and a productive high school season should result in that list growing.

6’6” 2025 Ethan Carter (Georgia)
It was good to see another local Georgia prospect down at Pangos and Carter made sure that the trip was well worth it. During the Saturday night session, he was arguably the most explosive player in the gym and had multiple people asking who he was. If there was any type of space to gain momentum going towards the lane, Carter was going to look to tear the rim down, and he did so frequently. While Carter can off the floor quickly and play well above the rim, he also displayed body control and an ability to hang in the air to finish layups around other bodies. He has a strong frame and good length on the wing that make for a lot of slashing potential. Carter used his athleticism to block shots and rebound & then push the break as well. He can be forgotten about down at Arlington Christian, but I think we’ll start to hear his name a lot more over the next year; I will be paying attention to his development.

A few other 2025 guys who stood out at Pangos were Mike Williams, Camden Cowgill, and Christopher Cenac. Williams’ quickness and open court playmaking were hard to stop, Cowgill shot the ball extremely well, and Cenac has impressive mobility paired with length and a good motor at 6’8”. Hopefully I can get additional viewings of them soon.