Over the past year, the stock of Josh Pickett has continued to climb. Between his play with West Aurora High School (IL) and Mac Irvin Fire, the 6’5” junior guard has garnered plenty of division one interest as well as offers for himself. 

“It was great,” Pickett said about his time playing with Mac Irvin Fire on the EYBL. “My coaches Stan and Julian Boateng and Colin Altenburg were all great…My teammates are some ballers. Playing with elite level talent only makes you better and I’ve grown as a player because of it. We will make Peach Jam next year.”

Currently, Pickets holds five offers currently, Eastern Michigan, George Washington, Northern Illinois, University of San Diego, and Western Illinois. He is still learning about the schools that have offered and there are some aspects he likes about each of them already. 

“I like Coach Gladstone, I also know their point guard Kaleb Thornton and he’s always helped me,” he said about Northern Illinois. 

For Eastern Michigan, Pickett said “Coach Heath and Simon were two of the first to see me and my game for what it is. At their elite camp last year, Coach Simon kept the ball in my hands and saw me as a lead guard when others want me to be a scorer. The coaches really know what they’re doing there and have some great pieces”

“Great academics,” was the first thing he said about George Washington. Adding in “I also love (Washington) DC.”

The newest offer that just came in for Pickett on a visit over the weekend was University of San Diego. “The university is a high academic institution so that means a lot to me. The entire coaching staff has a history of winning…They took a genuine interest in me and I would learn so much from them. It’s amazing how they’re two thousand miles away but know so much about me…I would love to play for him (Steve Lavin) and be part of his vision for making USD a perennial powerhouse because he’s a winner.”

With the school year now underway, Pickett has the goals set for his junior season, “get my team down to state.” In the most recent NY2LA rankings for the state of Illinois, Pickett cracked the top ten coming in a ninth. Next up for visits, Pickett will be taking a trip to Northern Illinois next month.