The 10th annual CP3 Rising Stars Camp took place last weekend in Greensboro with about 480 total players between the Classes of 2025 & 2026 coming to compete. Each year, this camp is as good as it gets for an underclassman event. I didn’t spend a ton of time watching 2025 prospects over the summer, so it provided a good opportunity to see some of these high-level young guys. Here are 7 of the 2025 attendees that I watched who had exceptional performances.

6’6” W Hudson Greer (Southern Assault/Lake Travis)
Greer was probably my favorite guy to watch in the entire camp because of the mentality & approach he brought from start to finish. From the very first set of stations, he impressed me with his energy & intensity and it never wavered the rest of the weekend. He just had a different competitive edge to him and in a camp setting where a lot of guys like to be cool & mess around, I appreciated it and it made Greer stand out even more. Offensively, he shot the ball efficiently with a high, confident release, but was just as good around the basket, showing quick leaping ability at the rim & IQ in traffic. He has a frame that should fill out well and there was some tenacity when he was finishing inside. Greer consistently ran the floor, cut, and went to the offensive boards to create easy ones for himself while also showing good court vision with lots of on-time, accurate passes to teammates. His activity was evident defensively too as he made an impact in the paint rebounding & contesting shots, he has the ability to switch onto smaller guards as well where he can slide his feet and use his length. Overall, Greer put together as productive as of a weekend as anyone and showed that he can help a team in lots of different ways. He already has some early recruitment but it should go to another level within the next year.

6’7” F Sebastian Wilkins (Mass Rivals/Lawrence Academy)
When Wilkins was on the floor in Greensboro, mismatches were created frequently. As a chiseled 6’7” rising sophomore with mobility, explosiveness, and the ability to handle on the perimeter, he was an inside-out threat at camp and was able to identify advantages he had in each individual matchup. Down low, he was able to overpower smaller defenders his strength. Away from the basket, he was too quick for some of the other forwards and put it on the deck to slash past them. He did a lot of good work on the break as well, keeping things simple by filling the lanes and pushing in straight lines where he was one of the stronger finishers I saw during the weekend. Wilkins took on the challenge of playing 17U over the summer and has already established himself as a prospect to be tracked closely. I’m very interested to see the type of steps he takes in his development over the next 3 years.

6’3” G Zion Collins (Team Loaded NC/Word Of God)
The natural talent & tools that Collins has are undeniable. If you wanted to put the ball in someone’s hands to create offense among the 2025 prospects at CP3 Rising Stars, he would be one of the couple best choices. He is dynamic creating off the bounce and can get past a lot of guys but will also use his size to take bumps & still get where he wants. Collins had a lot of exciting moments in transition as he is both a creative in-air finisher and one who has spring 2-foot hops that results in impressive dunks. He has a speed & burst in the open court that put constant pressure on the defense. He was probably best in those situations but the initial traits I mentioned make him effective in the halfcourt too. Collins showed he is a capable shooter off the dribble where he has a variety of combo moves and elevation on his pull-up. I think he’ll have to keep becoming more efficient & mature with certain parts of his game but what you have to work with will intrigue coaches.

6’2” G Isaiah Henry (Team CP3/Cannon)
There were few guards at CP3 Rising Stars with the physical build of Henry; when you mix that with a competent skillet, it was a tall task for opponents to contain him offensively. Using his physicality is what first stood out to me. I said this on Twitter too- The way he went to the basket reminded me of a running back. He has a bulky, sturdy frame that fends off contact and most 2025 perimeter players cannot deal with. I liked the pace he played with and his ability to adjust to convert after hits. Henry got himself going with these aggressive drives, the defense then adjusted to this and started giving him more attention with multiple bodies helping to stop his penetration. That did not stop him from being productive though because Henry can really shoot the ball as well. He has a smooth, balanced released that comes off his hand cleanly and he has good range. During the last stretch of minutes he was in, Henry rattled off 3 3’s in rapid succession, with the final being a transition pull-up from the volleyball line. Look for him to be another NC prospect who rises as he becomes an upperclassman.

6’10” C Kai Rogers (Wisconsin Playground/Wauwatosa West)
It can be easy for guys as big as Rogers to coast in this type of setting because of how physically dominant they are compared to others in attendance, but I thought Rogers imposed his will at camp and he capped it off with a great showing in the Top 20 game. He was a constant force around the basket and was just too big & powerful to be stopped. Rogers is a strong, physically mature 6’10” who has done a lot of good work in regard to his body & conditioning over the last year and now has some nice mobility for a guy his size & age. He gets off the floor well and can go through contact to convert; he looked to dunk everything he could but also has some touch inside with soft hands that catch just about everything. Running rim to rim was an area in which I thought he gave pretty good effort, along with securing boards. In the 2nd half of the Top 20 game, he had a dominant spurt where he played with a clear mean streak and it helped them build a lead after being in a tight matchup. At this stage, Rogers can overwhelm most high school players. I’ll be paying attention to how he adapts as he faces off against more prospects of his size; the progression he has already made is encouraging and leads me to think he’ll figure out that aspect as well.

6’7” F Damon Friery (Ohio Rebels/St. Ignatius)
I did not watch a forward with better shooting ability than Friery at CP3 Rising Stars. He made the most of his final game at camp, lighting it up from deep with a consistent shooting performance in both halves of the game. At 6’7”, Friery will make you pay for giving him space or can just shoot right over a lot of 2025 guys. He was very effective from the wings and corners, displaying an easy stroke that has good touch. Friery never hesitated when he got an open look and when he was identified as a shooting threat, he also showed that he can be effective putting the ball on the deck, where he can go either right or left to finish with either hand. What I liked most about his performance in this game is that when he got hot, he didn’t just start jacking. Friery hit 5 or 6 3’s in the game but it was efficient and he took good shots throughout. Shooters with size always have a lot of value and Duquesne just recently jumped in with an offer for Friery. I think it’s safe to say that a good number more will be extended to him in time.

6’7” F Zymicah Wilkins (Team United/Rutherfordton-Spindale)
He might not have been hitting a bunch of 3’s or slamming thunderous dunks when I watched him, but Wilkins has an advanced skillset & feel for the game, and he used that to punish opposing forwards at camp. I liked the back to the basket package he showed, using his thick body to bang & get positioning and then showing touch on hooks in the middle of the lane. He has nimble feet & good footwork with effective moves to score from the block and those qualities are also evident when he faces up from around 10-12 feet. I appreciated the old school feel to Wilkins’ game, but he also proved to be more than that. In the Top 20 game, he had some impressive moments grabbing boards & running the break himself where he made good reads and displayed the ability to finish with either hand after handling the full length of the court. The skill that Wilkins has at his size make him a safe bet for a promising future.