As well to the top performers from the Grassroots Invitational, there was a good list of stock boosters as well. Here are a few of the many stock boosters from the weekend tournament in Louisville. 

Andrew Brown – 2023 – PG – UTS Elite

A tough and active point guard that impacts the game on both ends of the floor. He really works on the defensive end to defend the ball as well as being very active using his quickness and energy defending off the ball chasing opposing guards all around the floor. Offensively, he is a tough attacking guard that is always looking to get into the paint to score plus distribute it. 

Joey Brown – 2023 – G – George Hill All Indy

While playing in his first tournament of the spring due to injury, Brown came back performing at a high level already. He is a unique talent as even though he stands at 6’7”, he has true guard skills and can run the point. With his size and ability to make plays off the dribble, Brown is an incredibly tough matchup as he showed the ability throughout the tournament to beat defenders in a variety of ways especially getting to the bucket and hitting shots in the mid-range.

Gabriel Dynes – 2023 – C – Griffin Elite

At 7’3” as well to great length, Dynes was one of the most intriguing players of the tournament. Even with his tremendous size he still moves very well with some good agility. He showed a developing offensive game scoring a very efficient 10 points in one his game on Sunday finishing strong at the rim but was most effective on the defensive end with his paint protection ability. 

Brayden Fagbemi – 2023 – PG – Illinois Attack

Fagbemi was one of the top distributors of the showcase. In multiple games, he was simply making great pass after great pass. He has good vision in addition to being a skilled passer putting each one right on target to set up his teammates. More than just a facilitator however, Fagbemi is shifty with the ball to be able to get into the paint and finish as well as create his own shot from the outside. One of the more skilled 2023-point guards in the Chicagoland area. 

Trent Hinkle – 2023 – PG – Griffin Elite

Hinkle was the floor general behind one of the top teams of the tournament that shined both days. With good handle, moves, great acceleration in addition to his decision making he plays well off the dribble. He’s a good playmaker that can get into the paint often finishing all around the paint in addition to dishing it out. While he excels on the attack, he is more than a capable shooter from the outside. 

Arhman Lewis – 2023 – PG – Movement Hoops

Lewis has continued to greatly grow his game this spring. In the opening game of the tournament, Lewis started off with an impressive performance. He has such a great array of point guard skills and excelled off the dribble breaking down the defense. He is an elusive player that can not only score from the mid-range and in the paint but contributed the most with his passing ability. On the move, Lewis was passing the ball extremely well to set up his teammates. 

David Meriwether – 2023 – C – George Hill All Indy

The game of Meriwether has continued to take great strides and he was a true stock booster throughout the tournament. With no Xavier Booker, Meriwether stepped up big impressing in multiple games. At 6’10” and mobility with his strength he scored it very effectively inside scoring it strong at the basket in addition to being a big prescience defensively inside. With all his physical tools and growing abilities, he is one of the highest upside big men in the regions 2023 class.  

Maxsamus Wilson – 2023 – PG – Gain Elite Minnesota

Wilson has size in the backcourt at 6’4” with a good all-around game. He plays well with the ball in his hands with his ability to create his own shot, score from all three levels, as well as distribute it. Wilson showed a very good ability to rise up and knock down jumpers off the dribble from the mid-range and three right in front of jumpers. With his size and abilities, he is a 2023 plenty to offer a college program.