To finish off the spring season, there were plenty of tremendous performances at the Grassroots Invitational in Louisville. This was a great precursor of what is to come in the summer as this 2023 class transitions into being seniors. There were plenty of players in attendance at this 17U level that college coaches should be extremely familiar with. 

Mekhi Cooper – 2023 – PG – Illinois Flight

Cooper had one of the best games of the tournament scoring 28 points, in just the first half. Cooper was just not missing from the outside but was also playing extremely well off the dribble on the attack. He is strong with the ball and has great moves to continuously get by defenders plus is a crafty finisher all around the paint. After his scoring outburst in the first half, he went to work creating for his teammates when the defense was all over him finding the open man.

Garwey Dual – 2023 – G – George Hill All Indy

Dual finished off his tremendous spring with another stellar tournament in Louisville. The 6’6” guard was unstoppable at times during the tournament playing off the dribble. Even as a guard with good size he moves extremely well attacking the basket and finishing with his length. In addition to running the point and facilitating it well this tournament. Plus, he consistently has shown to be a tough on ball defender and that was no different throughout this tournament. 

Brock Harding – 2023 – PG – MidPro Academy

One of two member from the loaded MidPro squad on here. While Harding was scoring it from all over the court this tournament, including an improved jumper from the outside, he impressed the most around the paint. With a combination of runners and pull up jumpers, Harding showed a great ability to pull up and finish right over big men inside. The highly elusive point guard continues to prove he is one of the top playmakers there is in the 2023 class. 

Teagan Moore – 2023 – G/F – Griffin Elite

Moore had a stellar tournament including a dominant performance scoring 24 points in a highly impressive victory on Saturday. He is a high percentage scorer in multiple ways. The 6’6” wing can not only knock down jumpers from the outside but also plays well going to the basket. He has a solid build and uses it going physical to the basket. More than just a scorer, Moore has a well-rounded game and knows how play. He should be a very popular name with division one programs in the region.  

Jerome Martin – 2023 – G – Power Circle

Martin had one of the better scoring performances of the tournament with a 26-point game leading his team to a very impressive victory. Not only does he have some size in the backcourt at 6’4” but also a solid build. He is an energetic guard that was scoring it a high level in a variety of ways. Not only does he take it strong to the basket and finish through contact but was also shooting the ball well pulling up in the mid-range and hitting a few threes. 

Ty Pence – 2023 – SG – MidPro Academy

Over the course of the two days a few players from MidPro greatly impressed but Pence excelled over the course of multiple game. The 6’6” wing guard was so effective getting to the basket game after game. Not only can he use his strong build to power his way to the basket but also was maneuvering well around defenders. He is has great bounce to throw down a few big dunks all in addition to hitting threes consistently.  

Matt Schmainda – 2023 – G – Wisconsin Swing

The ultra-consistent and impactful Schmainda had himself another good tournament. He was doing it all on the offensive end, running the point, taking it strong to the basket and finishing, spotting up for the three, and even posting up for a couple baskets. The unheralded Schmainda just continues to produce and help this talented Swing team win games. 

Austin Villarreal – 2023 – PG – Pro Lane Team Herro

Villarreal finished of his breakout spring with another great performance at the Grassroots Invitational. He is a skilled and consistent point guard that has scored it well throughout the spring season. He is very quick with the ball in his hands and has a good ability to read the floor to play off the dribble. While he did shoot the ball well from the outside, he also greatly impressed with his playmaking ability on the attack.