The annual Bill Hensley Run N’ Slam took place last weekend in Indiana with a collection of sponsored & independent teams coming to Fort Wayne to compete for championships. This historic event is always a great one and 2022 was no different. The wide range of high quality programs & players made for tons of good action. We already looked at the Final 4 teams from the 17U Platinum Bracket, now we will go over some more of the 2023 prospects that had good showings at the event.

There’s already been a lot of talk surrounding Garwey Dual this spring and he elevated his profile further at Run N’ Slam. He was particularly impressive in a big matchup against Midwest Basketball Club, in which G3 got the victory and Dual was on triple-double watch with 12-8-8. Putting the ball in his hands to create usually resulted in some type of scoring opportunity as he is long & quick to go along with some wiggle off the bounce and good pace. Once Dual penetrated the defense he showed off passing instincts and feel for where defenders would rotate, both extending to finish & dropping off or kicking out to teammates while among traffic. While he could beat opponents 1-on-1, Dual also showed the ability to operate off of ball screens and make the correct decisions in those situations. Defensively, his size, length, and anticipation allows him to make things happen and ignite transition play. He’s already due for a heavier recruitment, if his outside shot comes along, it’ll completely take off.

Another taller guard that left a strong impression was Traijan Sain of Martin Brothers. After seeing parts of 2 different games and then watching some UA Rise film on Sain, I was surprised to learn that he doesn’t have any offers currently. He’s a fluid, effortless athlete at 6’4” who is capable of playing on the ball and has a clean jumper. I thought he made solid passing reads and saw things that others just don’t on the court. He honestly could have been even more aggressive on the offensive end but was still productive and has a lot of tools that point to a nice finished product down the road.

After going through some rough patches early on, Kyle Guy Elite finished the weekend with 2 close wins and had different guys come through with good individual performances throughout the tournament. Most impressive from the action I saw was Dylan Moles; he plays with strength, balance, and a calmness with the ball in his hands and is comfortable shooting from many different areas of the floor. Moles has good feel on when to attack and is adept using both hands when he’s able to get inside the paint. I also liked the moments of athleticism, activity, and scoring from Gavin Welch & Preston Roberts as wing forwards, as well as the shooting & distributing that Spencer White provided. Run N’ Slam gave me a good first look at Kyle Guy’s program and I should be able to view them again soon.

The Mid-Ohio Pumas are another team I was seeing for the 1st time last weekend, they had some big matchups all 3 days with a win over Meanstreets and close losses to other sponsored teams in Wildcat Select and Mac Irvin Fire. They have a good group of perimeter prospects that are capable of stepping up in any game with Luke Kuhlman, Kyler Daugustino, and Bede Lori. Kuhlman was the star in the Meanstreets win, leading them with 24 points. He was money from the free throw line and also knocked down some important 3’s. He has a very reliable shot with a wide base and consistent form. Although not overly athletic, he has a toughness about him and possesses a good understanding of how to get open looks, moving well off the ball and showing IQ with pump fakes & footwork out of triple threat. Daugustino didn’t have his best scoring game against Meanstreets but did go for 34 in the Wildcat Select matchup. He has a strong, defined frame that he helps him both offensively & defensively and showed he can man both guard spots. Daugustino is unselfish and sees the floor well, defends actively, and has speed getting downhill to his left hand. Lori is another piece who is efficient, plays hard, and can score in different ways. He brings energy and always stays ready to contribute. Not to be forgotten, Carson Browne is a forward with good versatility for the Pumas. He showed passing feel, a good motor inside, and is able to get off the floor. This group will be recruited actively by a variety of schools/levels.

Given the success of MTXE Premier this spring on the NY2LA Circuit, it wasn’t surprising that they were able to replicate some of that in Fort Wayne. As expected, Luther Smith scored in bunches and showed that he can get going quickly. When MTXE was in need of points, Smith created off the bounce by either using his quickness & physicality to get inside or elevate over guys in the mid-range area. I also liked what Bennett McCormick & Braden McGlothlin brought to the table for this group. Both are tough and give a ton of effort. McCormick’s grit & determination attacking the basket was effective all weekend, McGlothlin gave a big rebounding boost at his size and hit perimeter shots when called upon. The way they do the little things while also being competent scorers is very valuable.