Next up in our 17U series from the Grassroots Showcase is part two of the stock boosters. Each of these players below had stellar performances and college coaches should be taking notice. 

Alex Hyder – 2023 – SG – Tennessee Tigers

While there were plenty of great shooters on display at the Kentucky Expo Center, Hyder was one of the best. The 6’3” two guard is at his best as a pure knockdown shooter who was hitting them at a high percentage but also showed the ability to make plays off the dribble. As well, Hyder really works on the other end to play tough perimeter defense. 

Keyon Miller – 2023 – PG – George Hill All Indy

Miller continues to show that he is one of the more talented point guards on the NY2LA Association. With his all-around game he can do so much on the floor. Game after game he shot the ball well from the outside but also got into the paint often with his quickness to create. He is a smart guard that passes it well in addition to playing tough on ball defense.  

Carl Parrish – 2023 – PG – Florida Pro

While there were plenty of talented point guards at the tournament, Parrish was one of the best. The long guard is very tough to defend off the dribble with his quickness, ball handling ability, and shooting off the dribble. He was constantly getting by his man to make plays scoring 17 points in his game Friday with plenty of defensive attention on him. 

Robert Peters – 2023 – PF – 24Up

As a 6’8” power forward there are a lot of aspects to like about his game. He has a solid build but is still agile and moves well. He is active playing down in the paint on both ends but has the offensive skills to play out on the perimeter. Peters can put ball on the floor as well as spot up for the three. The junior played at a high level in Louisville but shows even greater upside with all his tools. 

Brandon Rechsteiner – 2023 – PG – Atlanta All-Stars 

Rechsteiner put on one incredible shooting display over the weekend hitting eight threes in a single game. The junior has a pure jumper and was hitting them off the catch and dribble. A smart guard that plays well with the ball in his hands to create his own shot and create for his teammates but also is very active without the ball to get his own shot. Even with plenty of attention on him, Rechsteiner was hitting threes with little separation. Following the tournament, he has earned offers from Rice, Toledo, and Tulane. 

Courterius Scott – 2023 – PG – SR1

While Scott is a skilled distributor that is always looking to create for his teammates, he can also score it well himself. He is such a smart and decisive playmaker with the ball in his hands that is highly productive. As well to racking up the assists with his great vision, Scott shot the ball well in the mid-range and from three. 

Caleb Smith – 2022 – G – Team Grind

The senior impressed with his play on both ends of the floor. An athletic and well-built guard with good size in the backcourt at 6’4”. With his quickness and moves with the ball he proved to be very difficult to stick with to keep getting into the paint making plays. He is also an aggressive defender that can really get all over the ball while still being tough to get by. Smith has a lot of tools to succeed at the next level. 

Danny Stephens – 2023 – SF – Mid Pro Academy

Stephens performance fits the stock booster title to a tee with his performance in Louisville. While he may not be the top guy on this loaded Mid Pro team, he just continues to produce and do whatever is needed of himself to help his team win ball games. He scored the ball effectively going to the bucket on drives and cuts, knocked down some threes, and defended multiple positions well. 

Nasir Whitlock – 2023 – PG – Gain Elite Minnesota

An incredibly consistent player that continues to excel on the court and be one of the top point guards on the NY2LA Association. Not only can Whitlock run the point and really facilitate the ball but also score it well himself in a variety of ways. He distributed it well all weekend in addition to having a 22-point game versus 1of1. There is a lot to like about the 6’1” juniors’ game.