While only a freshman, JJ Frakes is proving that he more than belongs and is making a big impact at the varsity level very early on in his high school career. For Lakeshore High School (MI), the 6’3” wing guard is averaging 13 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists per game to help them out to a 11-5 record on the season. 

While plenty of freshman struggle when they get thrown into playing varsity right away, that has not been an issue at all for Frakes. “Transitioning to the high school level took some time to get used to because of the speed and physical aspects of the game. I’m adjusting well as time goes on. The game is slowing down and my work on defense is paying off,” he said. 

“I’m fearless on the court which helps me be very efficient when it comes to scoring and making the right plays. The work I put in speaks for itself,” Frakes said to describe his game. He is an athletic and lanky guard with an advanced skill set already. Not only does Frakes have a smooth jump shot from the outside but also has a good ability to get to the basket and finish above the rim. A premier wing guard in the regions 2025 class that will be a popular name moving forward. 

In the rest of his freshman season, Frakes is looking to win districts and make a run in the state tournament. Following the high school season, he will be playing with the Meanstreets.