Class of 2023 F Jake Pike is on track to be one of the best all around players in the Houston area. The fact that he is still a bit of an unknown to many is one of the things that he uses to push himself to get better every time that he walks into the gym. The 6’7 F is a staple for a talented St. Thomas High School that is looking to make a lot a noise in Texas this coming winter season. Aside from his skills on the court, he boasts a 4.7GPA that makes him a cant miss target for schools at the next level. 
His size and length are the perfect mix and power and skillset for today’s game. He has extremely high IQ on the offensive end and impacts the game is several ways. He is very crafty around the basket and uses his size and strength to overpower smaller players. He finishes at the rim with ease with either hand or has no problem if there is contact down low. One of his best offensive attributes is his ability to run the floor and get easy baskets in transition situations. He also creates matchup problems by his ability to pull bigger players away from the rim and put the ball on the ground. He has above average ball handling skills and has no problem starting the break off a rebound. He also passes well from the top of the key and is particularly good in pick and roll situations. An area where he has put a lot of work in is in his jump shot. He has expanded his range beyond fifteen feet and has gotten more comfortable stepping further away from the basket and consistently knocking down shots from beyond the three-point arc. 

Defensively he is a true leader on the court. He is not afraid to be the vocal leader and does not mind defending multiple positions on the floor. He is an excellent rebounder and shot blocker and understands not to commit fouls and stick to his defensive principles. He has great techniques boxing out and securing rebounds as well as keeping the ball high away from smaller guards that try and poke for steals. He takes pride in diving for loose balls and putting his all on the line to help his team secure a win. His play thus far has sparked some interest from schools in the region and others who are looking for a glue guy to have enormous potential for the class of 2023.