Class of 2024 PG David Castillo is not someone who gets caught up in the hype of rankings and social media stardom. The Oklahoma standout is a key part of an incredibly talented Bartlesville High School squad. The pressure of not only being a rising prospect nationally but also playing with a chip on his shoulder is what drives him to be worthy of all the praise. He is just scratching the surface in terms of potential and is looking to cement his name as not only one of the top prospects in Oklahoma but also in the region. 

Standing 6’1, he is perfect height and size for an elite level guard. He can shoot the basketball just as good as any recruit that you can find in class. He has a lightning quick release and does not need much space to get his shot off. He has an extremely high IQ and uses it get open in the half court. He has spent a great deal of time improving his ball handling skills and keeps the ball on a tight string. A proven three level scorer as well as someone who can be used as a facilitator in the half court. He can play multiple positions on the floor and finds open teammates for easy baskets. He is not afraid to finish at the rim as he is a tremendous athlete for his size. He has a great feel for the game and does not force the issue or make costly turnovers. He seems to always know when it is time to make a play and usually picks the point in a game when it is time for him to take over.

Defensively he is very sound and disciplined. He has long arms and is quick enough to guard players on the perimeter. He plays the passing lanes very well and gets many of steals and deflections by anticipating when to attack. He is not afraid to play in the interior and is a particularly good rebounder. He can grab rebounds on the defensive end and start the transition break which usually leads to easy transition baskets for his team. He has gained the attention recently of some impressive college programs who have looked to make him a top priority for their recruiting efforts. 
He is currently being recruited and holds offers from Illinois, Kansas St, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Oral Roberts, Texas Tech, Tulsa, and UNLV. This list will continue to grow as develops on the court over the next year continues to play against elite national competition.