2023 G/F Stephon Castle of Covington, GA has quietly become one of the best combo wings in Georgia. Standing at 6’5 and just over 180 pounds he is the ultimate package for a combo wing. One of the most intriguing parts of his game is that he is constantly trying to improve in all areas and spends countless hours in the gym improving. It will not be long before his hard work and determination position him to be the next big name nationally to come out of the state.
His ability to get into the paint and draw double teams is his bread and butter. He can put it on the floor and get to the paint with either hand in the half court. He has above average court vision and finds teammates for open shots when he needs to give the ball up. His ball handling has improved steadily, and he can be used to play multiple positions on the offensive end. He has developed the ability to step out and shoot the three ball which makes it more difficult containing him by opposing teams. He is a terrific athlete who can play above the rim and finish with contact. He also rebounds the ball very well on the offensive end. He never gives up on plays and his teammates feed off his energy.
Defensively, he has great footwork and can guard various positions. He is a physical defender who likes to get up on opposing players and apply tough on ball pressure. He has a high IQ and plays the passing lanes extremely well. His athleticism allows him to block shots at a high rate for his size as well as be a great rebounder defensively. He is the ultimate competitor and schools from all parts of the country have taking notice at the potential that he brings to the table.
This past year, he has earned scholarship offers from Wake Forest, Xavier, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, UConn, Ole Miss, Florida, USF, and Vanderbilt. Ohio St is another powerhouse program who recently extended an offer and looks to be heavily involved moving forward. He also holds offers from Miami, Georgia, Auburn, and Ohio. This impressive list will only continue to grow as he is steadily improving and making a case to why he is the next big star from Georgia.