The state of Tennessee historically has never had a shortage of producing elite level basketball players at the guard position. Class of 2023 G Isaiah West could very well be the next big-time guard that makes a name for himself nationally. The 6’2 combo out of Madison, TN is a true gym rat who loves to put in the extra work to improve his all-around game. His tenacity and dedication only further push the argument of scouts of how high his potential ceiling is once it is all said and done. One thing for sure is that he is up for the challenge.
Boasting a 170-pound frame, he is an offensive scoring machine. He attacks the baskets with such force and will that it is almost impossible keeping him in front of you. He likes to play downhill and never gives up on a play. He makes a lot of plays for his teammates finding them in the half court due to constant double teams as well as in the open court. The area where he has put in the most work in the past year is being more consistent from the three-point range. Teams now must play him honest and try to figure how to contain the outside shot as well as the attacks to the rim. He also has seen a solid improvement from the free throw line where he tends to spend a lot of time during the game. He is the ultimate offensive package for a recruit and each day seems to want to try and improve in all areas.

Defensively he applies a great amount of pressure on the ball. He is big and strong enough to guard multiple positions on the floor. He anticipates well in the passing lanes and does not gamble on plays that are not there. He is a terrific shot blocker for his size. He can chase down opponents from behind as well as get blocks on weakside help. His extreme athleticism helps him just as much on the defensive end as it does offensively, and it is something that some of the biggest schools in the country are paying close attention to. He is poised to be a top 25 talent nationally, and with continued work that ranking could be even higher. 

West, with his exceptional play over the last year has gained offers from the likes of Nebraska, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Georgia, and Wake Forest. Many other big-time schools have taken notice and will be monitoring over the next winter season and will make a push and getting on his list as well. He will be one to watch moving forward as he steadily improves him game on the court and takes care of business in the classroom as well.