Following up the season on this year’s NY2LA Association it is time for some more awards. While there were plenty of qualified candidates for this list, here are the ones who were able to stand out and do the most for their team. All these players below showed a great skill level and constantly performed at a high level to earn first team honors at the 15U level. 

Davee Flowers – 2024 – G – Illinois Central Elite

Flowers is a skilled playmaking point guard that was always getting it done for his team on both ends of the floor throughout the year. With all his tools, he proved to be very difficult to defend off the dribble. Flowers has a very good combination of quickness, handle, and moves to constantly get into the defense and make plays for himself and teammates. He showed a very good ability to score around the paint plus the mid-range but also has good vision. On the defensive end, Flowers has a nice ability to defend the ball extremely well to be one the biggest contributors at the 15U level. 

Ryan Meehan – 2024 – G – JH1 Elite

One of the most consistent players on the 15U level of the association. Meehan is a skilled two guard that had several big tournaments to lead his JH1 team to a nice season. With a smooth jumper Meehan proved to be a knockdown shooter while spotting up from the perimeter. As well to his shooting, he’s a high IQ guard that plays well off the dribble too. Meehan proved to not only one of the top shooters at the 15U level but also pure scorers. 

Brenton Moore – 2024 – G – Louisville Legends

Moore was a huge reason that the Legends made it all the way to the championship game of the Grassroots Summer Championships as well to all their success the rest of the season. The guard is a knockdown shooter that proved to be one of the top shooters on the association. As well to his shooting, Moore is a skilled all-around player with his ability to play well with the ball in his hands, distributing, and rebounding ability. 

Azavier Robinson – 2025 – G – George Hill All Indy

Even as a 2025 playing up, Robinson was one of the most skilled players on the 15U level. He’s a tremendous playmaker who has a great ability to get into the paint and create with his quickness and dynamic moves. Not only is Robinson a great scorer when he’s attacking the basket but also a skilled distributor who always knows where to go with the ball and can also hit shots from the perimeter. Robinson plays well above his years to make his way on to this list. 

MJ Stackhouse – 2024 – F – World Hoops Elite

Regardless of class, Stackhouse was one of the most dominant post presences. Tournament after tournament, it did not matter how many defenders were around him as he could just not be stopped when he got the ball around the basket. With his strength and determination, he has a great ability to overpower defenders and score right through them but also has some good post moves too. He’s more than just a big body though as he can also play out on the perimeter and put the ball on the floor. With his great and consistent play Stackhouse was a consensus pick for this list. 

Gavin Van Wie – 2024 – G – Wisconsin Swing

The guard had plenty of big tournaments and only seemed to get better week after week to earn his way on to this list. While Van Wie stood out the most with his perimeter shooting there is more to his game. The 6’3” guard had plenty of big scoring games not just with his shooting, but also his ability to get to the basket and finish well there. Van Wie constantly showed great feel for the game, efficient scoring, and energetic play to more than earn his way on to this list. 

Willie Williams – 2024 – G – Wisconsin Rise

Williams was one of the biggest contributors on the 15U level with his great ability doing it all on both ends of the floor. He has a great ability with the ball attacking the defense with his quickness to both score and distribute it at a high level. Williams is a tremendous passer on the move with his vision but also a skilled finisher around the basket. With all his tools and energy, he was also one of the better perimeter defenders that could get all over the ball and shut down opposing guards.