The state of Indiana has never had a shortage of top tier players at the high school level.  Keeping that tradition going is silky smooth G Jordan Turner.  The class of 2022 prospect in some respects was still a bit of an unknown outside the Midwest region mainly due to Covid and players not being able to play in 2020.  He did not miss the chance this past summer to show his skills against many of the top players nationally and he did more than hold his own.  He plays the game with chip on his shoulder and won’t stop until he gets the respect he deserves.  

Turner is the ultimate package from the guard position. Standing at 6’3, he has a natural feel for the game and makes plays whenever his team needs him to.  His ball handling skills and speed separate him for many other guards, as well as his above average court vision.  In the open floor he can find open teammates, or he can get to the rim and finish with either hand.  He has put in a tremendous amount of working improving his range on his shot and become a legit three level scorer.  His leadership ability is something that has shown to be a point of separation from other players in the region and why he has steadily become a top player in the state of Indiana. 

His speed and size allow him to keep his opponents in front of him on defense as well as anticipate steals by playing the passing lanes and getting deflections.  Turner is the ultimate competitor who seems to get better every time he steps on the floor.  His play on the court has not just been noticed by the people in the Midwest, but he is beginning to get that national buzz from programs beyond the region who want to get in line early to get a chance at landing him.  

This past summer he competed for the always talented EG10 squad based out of Indiana. He was able to secure offers from the likes of Bethune Cookman, Penn St, Manchester University to name a few.  We fully expect for this list to continue to grow as we head into the fall and winter season, and he continues his upward trend on the court and in the classroom.