2023 G Gehrig Normand has been flying quietly under the radar in the state of Texas mainly due to the high level of talent in the state. The display that he was able to put on this past summer travel season has made quite the impression in terms of his ability to play at a high level.  The 6’5 G who plays for 3D Empire is a matchup nightmare for defenses who have to face him.  It seems that each game this summer he was able to get a little better in all aspects of his game and he does not seem to be letting up anytime soon.  He seems to be just scratching the surface in terms of potential.

His range starts from the moment he steps on the court.  Simply put, if you do not always close out properly against him, he will get his shot off with ease and knock it down.  He is one of the most confident players that you will find nationally.  His size and frame allow him to play the primary ball handler or switch off the ball.  Whether it is coming off screens and hitting jump shots or putting the ball on the floor and blowing by defenders he seems to always know when it is time for him to make a play happen.   He has been steadily improving his ball handling and has gotten a lot better in the open court finding teammates for transition buckets.  He stays in attack mode and is freak athlete.  When he is off the ball he understands how to get open off screens and create situations for himself to get easy buckets. Offensively for his age he is as polished of a player that you find in the state of Texas and beyond. 

Defensively he plays the passing lanes very well in terms of getting steals and causing deflections.  He is sound on the ball and can keep his opponents in front of him.  He will need to add some bulk to his frame which will come over time and will help with defensive rebounding and positioning.  He can guard multiple positions on the floor and is great in situations where he must switch off and defend smaller and quicker guards.  Although the travel season has ended, he has made a name for himself nationally and his stock is going to do nothing but rise once school ball opens.  

He currently holds offers from Oral Roberts, Rice, and Texas-Rio Grande Valley.  One school that has taking notice has been Wisconsin after seeing him perform this past summer.  We fully expect many of the top schools in the region and beyond to pay close attention to him moving forward and look for a big uptick in his recruiting.