The 2022 summer gave many players a chance to showcase their talents on a big stage and give college basketball coaches an opportunity to see what they can do against national competition.  For many independent teams, this is their chance to use this platform a tool to draw interest from schools outside of their region that normally would not see them play.  2023 G Dallas Roberts didn’t waste anytime taking advantage of this opportunity and showed in a big way why he may very well be the next big-time player to come out of the state of Kentucky.  

Offensively, Roberts was one of the best players who hit the court this summer.  Standing at 6’1, the PG controls the game from start to finish.  He is lightning quick with the ball in his hands and can get into the paint against almost any defender that you put in front of him.  His IQ and passing ability are what may set him apart for most guards in his class.  He can shoot the ball from well beyond the three-point line as well as have enough control to pull up and consistently knock down mid-range jump shots.  He is constantly in attack mode and never lets the defense take a possession off.  He has a nice build that allows him to challenge bigger players at the rim and can finish with either hand in the paint.  

He is just as good on the defensive end of the floor as he is on offense.  He anticipates well and gets many of steals playing the passing lanes.  He is quick enough to keep guards in front of him and has the toughness to take on bigger players that he faces in situations where there may be a switch.  He is very fundamentally sound and boxes out well to secure rebounds that lead to transition opportunities.  This summer travel season was one that will catapult him into conversations that will have many division one programs lining up to make him a top priority for the class of 2023.

He is currently drawing major interest from the likes of Western Kentucky, Bellarmine, Evansville, Eastern Kentucky, and Morehead St.  We fully expect for this list to only grow as he heads into his high school basketball season this winter where he will be one of the top prospects in the state of Kentucky.  During the travel season this past spring he competed with talented Griffin Elite Moses program.