With all the talent on hand for the summer finale in Orlando, one part was just not enough for the top performers at the Grassroots Summer Championships. There was plenty of loaded squads from around the nation and they did not disappoint. 

Bakari Johnson – 2022 – F – Tennessee Tigers
A tough and physical 6’6” small forward that gets a lot done on the floor. He uses all his tools to score hard fought buckets inside but is a good driver and can spot up from three. Johnson plays with good defensive intensity and matches up with multiple positions too as well to being a force on the glass on both ends. 

Tony Livingston – 2022 – F – Game Speed Elite
A tough built and athletic 6’6” forward that can contribute in so many ways on the floor. On the offensive end, he showed a good scoring ability taking it hard to the basket and finish strong inside or get to the line as well to a nice stroke spotting up from three. Livingston is a tough defender inside but moves well for his size to defend out on the perimeter.

Colby McAllister – 2022 – G – Team Speights
A skilled and unselfish guard that knows how to play with good decision-making ability. The 6’4” two guard is a marksman from the outside that shoots it well off both the catch and dribble on his way to a 24-point performance in one game. He’s a great floor spacer without the ball but can also play with the ball with his strong handle and ability to create his own shot. During the tournament, he received his first Div. offer from The Citadel.  

Ben Olson – 2022 – G – WI Swing
Olson had a truly breakout performance over the tournament, especially in the semifinals scoring an incredibly impressive 28 points against a tough Team United squad. The strong 6’4” wing guard was doing a bit of everything to score the ball. While he was getting it done in every single way, Olson was especially unstoppable from beyond the arc and in the mid-range even with plenty of defensive attention on him creating for himself.   

Cedric Patterson – 2022 – G – Team United
Over the course of the tournament Patterson dazzled with his playmaking ability. The 6’2” point guard excels at attacking the defense with his quickness, ability to read the floor, and knowing where to go with the ball. He scored the ball well getting to the basket but really excelled creating for his teammates. 

Greyson Prtizl – 2022 – G – WI RAP
Pritzl has continued to impress with all he can do on the offensive end. The 6’4” guard has consistently shot the ball well from deep spotting up from deep but also made plays off the dribble. Over the tournament, Pritzl was able to get to the basket, read the floor well, and made great passes.

Brady Ruggles – 2022 – G – Mercury Elite
All spring and summer, Ruggles has been one of the top scorers on the TGBA. The 6’6” two-guard has shot the ball at a high-level tournament after tournament with such a pure shooting stroke, hitting six threes in a single game in Orlando. More than a shooter, he’s a high IQ guard that can attack the basket and is a good decision maker with the ball. Following the tournament, he received an offer from Florida Southern College. 

Hakim Williams – 2021 – G – Mercury Elite
The do-it-all guard was a force scoring the ball around the basket. He was unstoppable at times driving to the bucket and was also using his strength to finish everything around the bucket in traffic. Not only on drives, but even on post ups and put backs Williams was scoring everything inside. Also, Williams was one of the top rebounding guards at the event. Such a unique guard with all he can do on the floor. 

Justin Wohlers – 2022 – G – MN Comets
Woehlers has a good combination of skill and size as a 6’6” two-guard. He impressed the most with his shooting ability, showing off a great stroke with deep range but can also get to the basket and is a good passer. He has good feel for the game and all-around abilities on the floor.