There were plenty of players from the summer finale in Orlando that college coaches will want to be familiar with. Here are just some of the many players from the tournament that helped their recruitment the most. 

Justin Banks – 2022 – F – All In Athletics
Banks has good strength and plays with such a great motor on the floor to always be making a big impact. Listed at 6’6” but plays much bigger with all his tools to be a big presence inside on both ends. He showed a very good ability to finish everything around the basket, often doing so through multiple defenders but can also hit shots from the outside. He has continued to prove he is one of the tougher rebounders too.  

Rashawn Bost – 2022 – G – Illinois Future
An explosive point guard that can put up points in bunches. Bost is incredibly quick with the ball in his hands in addition to having tight handle and shifty moves. With all his abilities with the ball, no defenders were able to stay in front of him. Bost has a great ability to get all the way to the basket but also shoots it well off the dribble to put up some big point totals. 

Savion Brown – 2022 – G – Team SC
The explosive point guard excels with the ball attacking the basket. With his great acceleration and good handle plus his ability to read the floor, he just could not be stopped from getting all the way to the basket and finishing at a high rate in traffic. Brown is very difficult to defend off the dribble as he also has a good ability to pull up in the mid-range and good vision distributing. 

Tharren Hill – 2022 – G – Reach Legends
Hill is a dynamic scorer with the ball in his hands. He has a great combination of quickness and shifty moves to be incredibly difficult to stick with. The point guard showed a very good ability to finish around the paint but also a smooth jumper quickly rising up in the mid-range.  

Cordy Johnson – 2023 – G – Illinois Heat
A quick and active point guard who plays well with the ball in his hands. Johnson is a playmaker that both scored and distributed the ball well on the active. With his quickness and handle he was often getting into the paint to make plays. He showed a good ability to finish around the paint as well to a good passing skill on the move. 

Kenneth Garth – 2022 – G – World Hoops Elite
Tournament after tournament, Garth has impressed with his all-around game. He is a playmaking guard that scores in a variety of ways but is a very skilled passer. During the tournament Garth was shooting the ball well from the outside in addition to getting to the basket. The lengthy guard can play on or off the ball and has continuously shown tremendous distributing ability with his combination of vision and passing skills to rack up the assists. 

Jamil Muttilib – 2022 – G – Team Temple
A skilled scoring wing guard with good size at 6’6”, length, and athleticism. With his long strides and good moves, he scored the ball it very well going to the basket but is also a consistent shooter spotting up from three.  He has had a breakout summer and has put up some big point totals during the month of July.  

Harlan Obioha – 2022 – C – Rocky Mountain Select
At a legit 7’0” with his strong build, Obioha is a very imposing figure on the court. Even with his great size he still moves well with some agility. He moves well inside showing some good footwork while posting up as well as on the other end shutting down the paint. He showed some skill hitting jumpers from the outside and handling the ball.

Christian Pillow – 2022 – F – SR1 All-Stars
An athletic and skilled 6’6” that performs well on both ends of the floor. He’s a very tough matchup with his ability to beat defenders in several ways. Pillow is a tough scorer down in the paint but also got it done off the dribble attacking the bucket. The senior is also a very versatile defender matching up with nearly anyone on the floor. 

Cayden Walton – 2022 – PF/C – WI Blizzard
A strong and aggressive 6’6” post that impacted the game on both ends. Walton plays big with all his tools and really works on the defensive end to defend the paint and his man. He scores the ball effectively around the paint, but also stretches the floor well consistently hitting threes.