Throughout the entire TGBA this year, the 16U level has showcased a great deal of talent. This tournament was no different as a long list of players have a valid argument to be included amongst this group. 

Justin Britt – 2023 – G – TMP 
The quality versatile scorer spearheaded a furious late comeback for his team on day one of the tournament. While down double digits late in a game, Britt became unstoppable and was scoring the ball in a variety of ways. He moves extremely well with the ball to get to the basket often and is a strong finisher there, but also shoots it well from three. In another game during the tournament, Britt scored a remarkable 34 points. 

Jordan Cooper – 2023 – G – All Carolina
One of the better point guards at the 16U level who showed a good ability to both score and distribute the basketball. The playmaker showed the ability to score from all three levels with a great jumper as well to his ability to get all the way to the basket off the dribble. He’s a good up-tempo playmaker that is strong with the ball in his hands and makes nice pinpoint passes on the move. 

Jake Dunham – 2023 – G – JH1 Elite
The 6’4” wing guard stepped up his game to another level helping JH1 reach the 16U semifinals of the tournament. Dunham is a quality and versatile scorer takes whatever the defense gives him. He scored it especially well going to the basket on drives and cuts but also hit some jumpers in the mid-range, scored well in transition, and is a strong finisher inside. 

Sammon Johnson – 2023 – G – 3D Empire
Johnson had one of the more impressive performances on Saturday pouring in 24 points in a game. The wing guard is a versatile scorer and was one of the toughest players in the entire tournament. He proved to be an incredibly tough matchup with his ability to score from the mid-post, backdown defenders, hit shots from three, and get to the basket off the dribble.  

Max Lucey – 2023 – G – WI Swing
A smart guard with some size at 6’3” and length that does a bit of everything on the floor to win games for his teams. Lucey moves well with the ball attacking the basket, was knocking down shots spotting up from three, and is a quality passer with good vision. A quality playmaker that can do whatever is needed of him and knows how to play. 

Bennett McCormick – 2023 – G – JH1 Elite
McCormick had one of the better games over the weekend in the 16U semifinals. The 6’3” wing guard was scoring it incredibly well going to the basket but also hit shots from three and scored multiple baskets in transition. He goes very hard to the basket with his strength as well to some quickness to just not be stopped once he got going downhill to the bucket and finished everything

Jordan Miller – 2023 – G – Upward Stars
Miller is a skilled point guard that can do so much on the floor well. With his quickness he excelled at attacking the basket but was also shooting the ball very well from three. When his team needed bucket, Miller always found a way to come through for his team down the stretch. Miller is also a nice active on ball defender with his quickness and is very tough to beat.

Gehrig Normand – 2023 – G – 3D Empire
One of the top shooters over the course of the tournament. The two guard has some size at 6’5” and a great shooting stroke when spotting up from three. Though he also showed a good ability to play off the dribble and create his own shot in the mid-range and out on the perimeter. The junior knows how to play and has a lot of tools that translate to the next level.  

Ty Pence – 2023 – G – Mid Pro Academy
While Pence is always a standout, the junior took his game to another level in Orlando helping Mid Pro to an easy run to the 16U championship. The wing guard is a complete player with his ability to hit shots from the outside, positional size at 6’6”, attack the basket and finish above the rim, and play tough perimeter defense. 

Brandon Rechsteiner – 2023 – G – Atlanta All-Stars
Rechsteiner was one of the more skilled point guards at the entire tournament. He is a knockdown shooter from the outside but is also a very good playmaker off the dribble. He continuously showed great decision-making ability with the ball and strong handle plus can create for his teammates so well.