With the great deal of talent on hand in Orlando for the Grassroots Summer Championships there was a tons of competition and high level of hoops. While countless players greatly impressed over the three days, here are ten players that helped themselves the most in the sunshine state. 

Aidan Ashley – 2024 – C – Illinois Central Elite
At 6’5” with his strength and a big motor, Ashley was a real difference maker inside on both ends. He really battles on the glass to rebound the ball at a high rate even fighting through multiple players at times to get his rebounds. As well, with his tools he does a good job of shutting down his man in the paint and deterring all drivers.  

Lucas Austin – 2024 – PF – Mid Pro Academy
Austin is a 6’6” power forward with a solid build and is a skilled scorer. With his size and strength, he is an effective post scorer who can finish right through defenders at a high rate. Plus, Austin also scored it well knocking down shots from the perimeter off the catch as well as the dribble.  

Dean Hamilton – 2024 – G – Texas Tar Heels 
Hamilton is a high IQ guard that’s plays well with the ball in his hands as well to being a good decision maker. He has good handle and moves well with the ball to often be getting all the way to the basket but was also spotting up from three knocking down shots. He showcased good overall offensive ability to be putting up plenty of points. 

Adam Hardy – 2024 – PF – UTS Elite
A lengthy power forward that has some good skills already. Hardy impressed the most with his ability to knock down jumpers. He has a smooth stroke and shot the ball extremely well spotting up from three but can also play down in the paint. 

Austin Leibfried – 2024 – F – WI Swing
One of the hardest working big men at the 15U level of the tournament. The physical power forward was continuously battling down in the paint on both ends to make plays. He uses his strength to score it well around the basket in addition to having some nice post up moves. 

Connor May – 2024 – F – All In Athletics
A lengthy 6’5” wing forward who showed a good versatile game getting a lot done for his team. Offensively, he scored the ball well driving to the basket showing some good moves with the ball in his hands as well to having the ability to fight for some tough buckets inside. May has good defensive versatility defending both in the paint and out on the perimeter well.

Ryan Meehan – 2024 – G – JH1 Elite
A skilled two guard that continues to impress every time out there. He has a very smooth jumper spotting up from three, but also has a good all-around game. He plays well with the ball in his hand with a strong passing ability as well to getting to the basket. As part of his guard heavy squad, Meehan was often battling inside to defend opposing big men well. 

Braeden Phelan – 2024 – G – WI RAP
The two guard continuously showed a very good scoring ability. He scored it very effectively going to the basket but can also knock down shots from three. With his moves and good handle, he was often beating his man off the dribble and is a good crafty finisher around the paint getting it done in traffic. 

Jackson Routh – 2024 – F – Tennessee Tigers
Routh impressed with his good overall game. He has a nice ability to shoot the ball with good range, battle tough on the glass, is a quality passer, and handles the ball well. The wing forward is a highly effective player that knows how to play and is a good playmaker for his team. 

Randy Smith – 2024 – SF – Team Hardaway Jr
Smith is a strong and energetic 6’3” small forward that contributes in a variety of ways to be a large piece for his teams 15U championship. He plays with great defensive intensity to be able to shut down his man. He is a versatile scorer but can really get it done battling through contact to finish it with his strength at the basket.