In addition to the top performers and stock boosters, here are a few players that had stellar performances worthy of recognition over the courts of the tournament. 

Bennett Basich – 2024 – G – Phenom University 
Basich has continued to show this spring that he is one of the more skilled and harder working 2024 players around. The smart guard has a good all-around offensive ability as he showcased his smooth jumper from three with great form but also showed a nice ability to pass and handle the ball. A tireless worker that is always going to work to stop his man defensively. 

Morez Johnson – 2024 – F – Meanstreets
An agile and talented forward who plays well on both ends of the floor. Johnson scored the ball well inside with some good moves posting up on the block and gets up well to finish right over defenders. With his size and good mobility, he is a quality and versatile defender that can shut down nearly anyone on the floor. 

Genesis Nimley – 2024 – F – Louisville Legends
An athletic 6’4” forward that plays big in the paint. He is an active player that scored the ball very well around the basket on a high percentage of his paint touches. He was able to finish strongly in traffic through defenders. Nimley shows plenty of upside and is definitely one to track.  

Michael Olaly – 2024 – F – Team Temple
Olaly is a lengthy 6’7” big man that played extremely well in the paint on both ends. With his size and aggressiveness, the freshman does a nice job of shutting down the paint defensively and really limits opposing big men. Olaly scored the ball effectively around the basket in a variety of ways; posting up, put backs, and rolling to the hoop. The highly active big man also goes hard for rebounds on both ends of the floor. 

Drew Wagner – 2024 – G – JH1 Elite
While he’s only a freshman, Wagner is a true point guard that makes everyone around him better. He has very good handle and maneuvers nicely with ball to be able to penetrate the defense often. He did an excellent job distributing out the basketball with his great passing ability paired with his vision and smart play of always knowing where to go with the ball.