Class of 2022 PF Mason Wujek is one of the hardest working players that you will find in the state of Texas.  He simply will not allow anyone to outwork him and this dedication will pay big dividends soon.  Standing at 6’8, he is the perfect size for todays stretch bigs that you see at the next level.  The Frisco High School standout, just outside of Dallas is primed to make sure that his name is among the top of the list of players who will be mentioned in terms of having an impact at the next level.  The scary part of his game is that he is just scratching the surface in terms of his overall potential.

Wujek’s offensive game can be summed in one word…consistent.  The minute that he steps on the floor he creates unbelievable matchup problems for his opponents.  He can catch and finish in the post with ease around the basket.  He has a natural feel for the game and does not force the issue when has the ball in his hands.  He understands how to keep the ball high and away from smaller defenders and can also spin baseline to avoid double teams.  He has a soft touch on his jump shot and has put in the work over the past year to increase his range on his jump shot, and is now able to catch and face away from the basket and consistently knock down shots which makes it even more difficult to matchup against him.  He is a great passer out of the post and he’s big enough to see over the double teams and find teammates in scoring positions. 
He is just as good on the defensive end of the floor as he is offensively.  He plays extremely hard and takes pride in playing defense.  It is not uncommon to see him diving on the floor for loose balls as well as getting a key defensive rebound in a crucial part of the game.  He will do whatever is needed for his team to win.  He moves his feet well and does not gamble and get silly fouls, which gives him the ability to protect the rim very well and use his body well from a defensive standpoint.  He has the skillset to compete at just about any high-level university and many of them are targeting him as a top priority for the 2022 recruiting class.

College programs in the region have began to take more of a look at his skill development and have made his name as one that they will pay close attention to over the next six months.  We fully expect that once the travel season starts and he showcases his talents against other top players in the country that he may very become a household name in the state of Texas.