2022 G Brian Knight checks off all of the boxes in terms of how a student athlete is supposed to carry themselves on and off the court.  He is productive, determined, and efficient on the court and strives to make all of his teammates better.  Standing at 6’5, the Tompkins High School standout just outside of Houston, is beginning to carve his name out as one of the best players in the state of Texas.  He is poised to prove all of the doubters wrong and get his just do once it is all said and done.  

His ability to shoot the basketball from anywhere on the floor is what sets him apart from most of the guards in the state of Texas.  He can step well beyond the three point as well as pull up for mid-range jump shots.  He has put in a lot of time in improving his ballhandling skills and this has helped him be able to be more of a combo guard than in the past.  He has great court vision and finds cutting teammates slashing to the paint or getting rid of the ball in double teams.  He has a nice size and build that allows him to take contact and finish strong at the rim with either hand.  He is quick enough to beat defenders off the dribble and has the IQ and awareness on the court to always make the right plays. 

Defensively, his toughness and passion make up for he may lack physically.  He is a sound on the ball defender who sticks to his principles and does not take gambles that could cost his team.  He can keep guys in front of him as well as hold his own in pick and roll situations where he is forced to go in the paint against bigger players.  One of the best attributes that he holds is his ability to rebound the basketball at the guard position.  He boxes out well and has a good feel for where he is around the basket.  The fact that he is excels on the court only enhances his work in the classroom which is what makes him a cannot miss recruit for schools in the region.

There has been a recent uptick in schools that have put his name on the radar of prospects that they will be watching this winter as well as into the spring travel season.  We fully expect for his recruiting to intensify and for him to be someone that will be on household name among the top players in the region.