Much has been said about the class of 2022 in the state of Texas regarding high major basketball recruits, but there are a few names that are starting to pop up that may not stand out now but will have a major impact once things are said and done. One name is 2022 G/F Cameron Crockett.  The 6’6 prospect out of Travis High School just outside of Houston Texas has all the tools to become one of the most sought-after players in the region because of his ability to literally dominate a game from both ends of the floor and make everyone else around him better. 

In the open floor is where Crockett sets himself apart from other wings his size.  He has incredible court vision and puts his teammates in position to finish when he delivers passes. He has incredible ball handling skills and can put it on the floor and drive to the basket with either hand.  He is a great decision maker and does not force the issue on the floor.  He can finish at the rim with either hand, or he can knock down the pull up jump shot in traffic.  He has put in much work from beyond the three-point arc and it has shown in his consistency from long range this past season.  He is the ultimate playmaker who never gives up on play offensively and this type of dedication translates to his defensive abilities as well.  

He has great length defensively and this helps him keeps players in front of him and out of the paint.  He anticipates well because of his high IQ, and this helps him get steals and create deflections that result in fast break opportunities for his team.  He has tremendous athleticism that he uses to protect the basket, as well as secure rebounds on both ends of the floor.  He loves to take the challenge of shutting downs an opposing team’s best player and this coupled with his overall talent on the court has made him a recruiting target for some of top programs in the region.  

He currently holds offers from TCU, TSU, and Western Kentucky University.  Other programs are starting to take notice and we fully expect for his recruiting trail to intensify as the travel season approaches and he can showcase his skills against some of the elite competition that he will face.