The state of Texas is generally known to be a place where there is deep rooted tradition of producing high major basketball recruits.  However, the city of Amarillo is not a place where you traditionally go to find high level talent.  That could very well change soon as relatively unknown basketball prospect is making waves to be in the conversation as the best kept secret in the state.  2022 F/C Cade Hornecker Amarillo, TX is an unbelievable basketball talent for Amarillo High School and is just scratching the surface in terms of potential.  When it is all said and done, he may be the diamond jewel of the entire 2022 recruiting class.  

Standing at 6’11, Hornecker has the ultimate blend of size and skill at the high school level.  He has a natural feel for the game and is dominant around the basket.  He has plethora of post moves and scores the basketball with ease in the half court.  He may be the best rim runner in all high school basketball and is always in attack mode.   He is a great passer and can be used in multiple ways within the offense.  He has a high IQ and always seems to make the right plays for his team.  He has put in a lot of working stretching his shooting range beyond 15 feet and has worked to expand beyond the three-point line.  He has gotten more comfortable putting the ball on the floor and has showed glimpses of what may come with continued improvement of ball handling and being used further out on the perimeter.  His shooting mechanics are above average and shoots an exceptionally good percentage from the free throw line. 

Defensively he protects the rim at all costs.  His has exceptionally long arms and makes it difficult for opponents to challenge him at the rim.  He moves his feet very well and is active out on the perimeter when he is forced away from the basket.  He rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor and can begin the break in transition.  He plays the game with a high motor and a lot of passion and impacts the game on both ends of the floor.  College programs who may have been in the dark about his talents are now starting to take notice and look to get a front row seat at his development. 

He currently holds scholarship offers from Creighton, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts, Rice, TCU, and Wichita State.  We fully expect for this list to continue to grow as he is already off to a great start in his high school season and looks to keep that same intensity going into the travel season.  Schools in the region and beyond are on notice and will make a push to make him a top priority for their 2022 recruiting efforts.