Liam McNeeley is no stranger to the basketball scene.  He comes from a long lineage of basketball talent in his family tree and the class of 2024 standout is very well in place to carry the torch in the future.  The fact that he is only a freshman might make some have reservations on certain prospects, but Liam is one of the special talents that destined to be one the top players nationally in his class when it is all said and done.  The 6’7 wing hails from Richardson, TX and is already a key figure on the talented J.J. Pearce varsity basketball squad.  His ceiling is unlimited, and he is just scratching the surface in terms of potential.  

For such a young prospect, Liam has an unbelievable feel for the game.  He is skilled enough to play multiple positions and plays a lot older than his age.  He can flat out shoot the basketball just as good as any prospect in the class of 2024.  He is a legit three level scorer who has no problem taking over the game offensively if it is necessary.  He can put the ball on the floor with either hand or finish at the rim with either hand.  He is not afraid of contact and challenges players at the rim every chance that he gets.  He is a high-level passer who sees the floor well and anticipates plays before they happen.  Although still adding size to his frame, he already has the frame to be effective in post-up positions.  He can play with his back to the basket against smaller defenders and has the skill and feel to score easily around the basket.

Defensively he is steadily improving becoming a lockdown defender.  He does a great job keeping opponents in front of him and moves his feet well for a prospect his age.  He reads passing lanes well and does a great job at anticipating steals.  He is a good rebounder and is sound at boxing out as well as pushing the break after securing the ball.  He has long arms and is good at blocking shots in situation where guards challenge him at the rim.  His all-around play checks off a lot of the boxes that you look for in elite level prospects and some college programs have already taken notice and have gotten in early at trying make sure they get an opportunity to land such a prized recruit.  

His play over the past summer and current season has propelled him into a situation where he has already landed college scholarships offers from a few impressive programs.  Georgia Tech extended an offer for him to play collegiately as well as TCU and the University of Oklahoma.  While it is still incredibly early, this list of schools will continue to grow quickly as he is very well in the conversation to be a top 25 prospect nationally by the time, he reaches his senior year of high school.