Dayvaughn Froe is quietly setting himself up success.  Not only is he an outstanding player on the court, but he also boasts a 3.9 GPA in the classroom and proves that he can get it done academically as well.  The class of 2022 standout who plays for Katy High School in Katy, TX a suburb west of the Houston area has played and started varsity since he was a freshman.  His steady improvement over the course of the last two years has put him in a position to be one the best talents in all the Houston area and he is just scratching the surface in terms of potential. 

He may arguably be the best pure shooter you will find in his class in the Houston area.  He has a lightning quick release and has the height and length to get his shot off against most defenders.  Standing at 6’3, and weighing 185, he is the perfect size to play the combo guard position.  He handles the ball very well and is a playmaker in the half court.  He can put it on the ground and get to the paint with either hand, as well as finish at the rim with contact.  He has a natural feel for the game and is exceptionally good coming off screens and creating separation between him and his defender.  He sees the floor well and puts his teammates in position to score easy baskets.  He can control tempo and never plays outside of himself.  He is just starting to take that next step in his skill development by attacking the basket more and playing downhill.  He never takes his foot off the pedal and will translate very to the next level.

Defensively, he has no problem guarding the best player on the opposing team.  He is big and strong and moves his feet very well on defense.  He anticipates and plays the passing lanes very well.  He gets a lot of deflections and steals in the half court and loves to push tempo in transition.  He is an excellent rebounder for his size and utilizes his boxing out skills to secure defensive boards.  He is an ultimate leader on the floor and fuels his team with his intensity and dedication.  These attributes have not gone unnoticed as schools in the region have taken notice and are making him someone that are keeping a close eye on.  

Coming off a very impressive but shortened spring and summer due to COVID-19, he was able to pick up steam and get contacted by an impressive group of schools.  A few of the programs that have reached out are Butler, Baylor, Columbia, East Carolina, and North Texas.  One of the schools that have shown a lot of interest recently is TCU who is planning on spending a lot of time following him over the next six months to see if he would be a fit for their program.  We fully expect this list to only grow as he continues to improve his skills on the court and excel in the classroom.