Houston, Texas has historically never had a shortage of high-level guards.  Many of those player’s names are often in the spotlight and come with the accolades of being hardwood rock star.  Class of 2022 G Kemauri “Kemo” Millender could very well be the best guard in Houston that many people may not be familiar with.  The 6’1 Clear Brook High School standout had ambitions on getting his team to the state title game last season and fell short in the playoffs.  He would go on be selected all district but that just lit a fuel within himself to make sure his name is mentioned with the best in the state when it is all said and done.  

Offensively, he plays with a passion and determination that many players at the high school level do not possess.  He is always in attack mode and puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the opposing team for the entirety of the game.  He is lightning quick with the ball in his hands and is constantly blowing by defenders and getting to the rim.  He does not mind getting inside and finishing at the rim with contact.  His first step is nearly impossible to guard and dishes the ball off to open teammates when he is double teamed.  He is strong for his size and has a natural feel for the game on the offensive end.  He has above average athleticism and frequently plays above the rim when he finishes.  One of the areas where he has put in great amount of work is improving his three-point shot.  He is extremely comfortable pulling up from beyond the three-point line whereas in the past he would try and in the paint.  This improvement on his shot has made his so much more difficult to guard and has created another deadly weapon in his already lethal arsenal.  He sees the floor well and sets up teammates for easy baskets whether it is in the half court or is transition.  He like to push the tempo and play with speed and constantly has the defense guessing.  

Defensively is where he sets himself apart.  He has quick hands and is frequently picking the pocket of guards who mistakenly put the ball in front of him.  He has long arms and plays the passing lanes very well.  He gets many of his steals and deflections by reading the defense but also not overplaying and playing out of position.  He rebounds well for his size and is strong enough to battle against players that are bigger than him.  He is the all-around package in terms of production and many coaches at the college level are starting to pay close attention.  

Last season was sort of an introduction, but he has continuously built off the momentum that he put in place after the playoff efforts that he displayed.  Many of the schools in the region have began reaching out to get a closer look at his development and we fully expect for his recruitment to see a big boost over the next 6-12 months.