Sherwood, Arkansas may not be a name or place that jumps out to many people in the basketball world but lately the city has been getting a lot of buzz.  Sylvan Hills High School is home to the one best 2022 basketball prospects in not only the state but in all the country.  Class of 2022 G Nick Smith Jr is flat out one of the most electrifying players that you will find and his play has opened the eyes of many and the question has become, just how good can this young man become? 

Standing at 6’4 he is one of the most offensively gifted players that many have seen in the last few years.  His bag of offensive moves with the ball in his hands is nearly unmatched.   He has a signature hesitation dribble that is nearly impossible to defend.  He is always in attack mode and puts a tremendous amount of pressure on defenses that try to plan for him.  He is a super athlete who can play above the rim and finish with contact.  He has put in a lot of work to improve his three-point shot and has become a legit three level scorer.  He sees the floor well and delivers on the dime to teammates when he is double teamed.  He makes great decisions with ball and does not force issue that would lead to turnovers.  He takes his time and lets the game come to him.  He also has improved his free throw shooting over the past year.  He is extremely aggressive at attacking the rim and finds himself at the line quite often.  

Defensively is where he has made some of his biggest strides of improvements.  He does not shy away from taking on elite players and working to shut them down.  He is a great rebounder and likes to push transition after secures the ball.  He reads the passing lanes well and many of his steals are from playing the passing lanes in the half court.  He also protects the rim quite well for his size.  He has great leaping ability and is exceptionally good in help side blocks on the defensive end.  This all-around improvement has caught the attention of his home state school the University of Arkansas, and they have made it clear that he is one their top priorities for the 2022 recruiting class.  

Along with Arkansas, many of the top schools regionally and nationally are making a push to land the talented recruit.  The likes of Auburn, Florida, St. Johns, Alabama, Georgetown, Kansas State, and Murray State.  Other schools who have got in the mix and offered scholarships are Oklahoma St, Ole Miss, Oral Roberts, Texas, Southern Miss, and Tulsa.  Recently he has heard from Kentucky and we fully expect for the remaining blue blood schools to all get involved at landing this highly touted recruit.