Class of 2022 SF Trae Clayton of Lewisville, TX has one thing on his mind, and that is outworking who ever is in front of him.  There are not too many places that he would rather be than on the basketball court and it has become his private sanctuary.  The 6’5 180 pound forward is normally the first player at practice and the last one to leave, and it is not uncommon to find him with his basketball in his hands at all times.  The sky is the limit for him in terms of potential and he is just starting to scratch the surface. 
Offensively, one word comes to mind in terms of his play and that is competitor.  He simply does not let up in terms of attacking defenses.  He seems to always know when it is time to make a play and usually the result is a basket.  He attacks the rim better than most of the prospects in his class and he can put it on the floor and finish strong at the rim with either hand.  He has a lightning quick first step and enough upper body strength to play against defenders that may be bigger than him.  Clayton shoots the ball well from the mid-range and is still improving his range from three-point land and he has also put in countless hours on the free throw line making that a weapon for him as well since his physical play puts him at the stripe quite often.  He is great in transition and has above average court vision to find open teammates when he draws help from opponents. 

Defensively he takes pride in shutting guys down.  It is not uncommon that he takes the challenge of guarding a team’s best player and applying pressure the whole game.  He has great foot work and anticipates well in the passing lanes getting a lot of steals that lead to easy transition points as well as creating deflections.  He is a great rebounder who uses his body to box out and athleticism to secure rebounds and start the break.  

His play has led to him receiving offers from Texas, UIC, Lafayette, Mississippi St, and Nebraska.  Recently some of the other schools who have gotten in the mix and offered scholarships are New Mexico, SMU, TCU, Texas A&M, and Tulsa.  We fully expect for this buzz to continue and the list to grow as his play steadily improves over the next 12 months.